YOU Can Remix Kilbey & Kennedy


Label offering stems
of all the tracks on new Kilbey-Martin Kennedy album for fans to remix.


By Blurt Staff


Due out Jan. 26 from Second Motion is Unseen Music/Unheard Words, a joint project from the Church’s Steve
Kilbey and All India Radio’s Martin Kennedy. The record’s been out digitally
for some time already, notching up enthusiastic reviews. Check some of the fan
comments posted at


“If you’re a fan of the Church, All India Radio, or Steve
Kilbey solo projects, this is a must buy. Every song is a masterpiece! Blending
swirling atmospherics and acoustic guitar with Kilbey’s baritone makes for a
winning formula.”


“Any fan of Steve Kilbey would know right away that this is
one of his finest lyrical works. No matter how long it took to write the words.
A brilliant mix of Kennedy’s music and Steve’s voice. The two seem to be made
for each other. A wonderful piece of music indeed. This one will go down in
history as a masterpiece. Slow….and….easy.”


The label’s also sweetening the deal by offering to folks
who order the limited edition “digital deluxe version” an Ambient/Remix
album along with 8 digital illustrations from Kennedy. The remix record
includes 4 previously unreleased tracks:


all is one – black satin mix

piano 4.9 (friends are gone original piano)

stretch into the stars – raw mix

maybe soon – all india radio mix


Plus the rare track “Eyes Head,” originally done for the good folks over
at Magnet magazine.


More intriguingly, the band and label are putting on a Fan Remix Project.
According to Second Motion, “We are offering the stems for every
song on the album available for free for each of you to download to your hearts
content.  With these stems you can work on your own remixes of the songs
and submit them back to us no later than Dec 31st, 2009.  We will share
every remix with both Steve & Martin and narrow down the songs to our
favorites.  The plan is to sometime next year release a digital only ‘fan
remix’ album.”


Full details from the label follow
below. Have fun, fans, and go to the Second Motion site for more info:




1. Deadline: Contest
is open worldwide, you do not have to be a US or Canadian citizen to enter.
 All submissions are due no later than Dec 31st, 2009 and must be emailed
to: stephen (at)  Please do NOT email more than
one track per email, if you are working on multiple tracks please use your own
.mac public folder, a delivery method such as or email us for
specific directions on how to submit before submitting.  We are not responsible
for lost files via spam folders or cyberspace issues.  We will email you
back acknowledgement of receipt. 


we will ONLY
accept Mp3 copies of the remixes initially.
 If you are selected as a finalist we will ask you for higher quality .wav
or .aiff files at that time.


2. Snail

in lieu of
email, you may also submit by mail to:

Second Motion

PO BOX 862

East Lansing, MI

attn: KK Remix


be sure to
include your name, email address, and phone number to contact you.  You
must supply your own CDR and postage and we cannot return the disc. 


3. Waiver: Very Important Note: by downloading the stems and submitting your tracks for
submission, you hereby acknowledge that you will not receive any royalties for
potential sales of these remixes (we have not decided on what we will do with
them we just want to see what you guys can come up with!) but we will give
you full credit for your remix if chosen and do some other special things in
the future as a thank you.   We want all of you fans to feel like you are
a part of this album and feel like this is a great way for you to participate
in helping us promote this for more and more people to discover.  This is
for promotional purposes only but we do reserve the right to full ownership of
the copyright, publishing and royalties of these songs regardless of your


4. Download: All tracks are at the links below, and are in .zip formats
and are all .wav files.  If you have any trouble downloading them there
would be high traffic problems due to popularity.  First, wait 30 minutes
and try again, if the problem continues please email us and we will investigate
the issues.  Please only download one track/zip file at a time!


Please note,
these tracks are large, each zip file is a minimum of 200MB to 450MB in size.
 Please ONLY download one track zip file at a time. If you are unfamiliar
with the use of .wav files, remixes, or don’t have the bandwidth to handle
downloading files of this size please do not participate in this contest. These
files are 100% virus free and we are not responsible for any problems they may
cause to your computer, so download at your own risk.  


These tracks may not be redistributed,
sold, streamed or used in any way without written approval from Second Motion
Records, the composers and publishers of these tracks.   All tracks are
copyright control 2009-2010 licensed to Second Motion Records and any violation
of these rights will result in punishment to the full extent of the law. By
clicking these links you hereby acknowledge this agreement.


All of these
things aside, let’s have some fun with this!  We cannot wait to hear what
you guys have in mind!


STEMS: (Please for bandwidth reasons only download one at a time)


1. Eyes

2. My
Will Be Yours

3. Stretch
Into The Stars

4. Maybe

5. Uh
I Dunno

6. Thought
of Leaving

7. Another

8. All
Is One

9. Love

10. The
Other Place

11. Naked
As A Star

12. Friends
Are Gone 






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