Wring a Turkey’s Neck for Jesus!

Our annual roundup of
the year’s biggest fowl jokes…


By Blurt Staff


Dear Blurt readers, we hope you have a safe and fulfilling
Thanksgiving day tomorrow. A few suggestions:



  • Eat
    half of what you planned to eat, and then mail the difference in the form
    of a check or money order to your local food bank.
  • Take
    an after-lunch hike and breathe lots of fresh air – stay away from that
    computer screen (eBay and World of Warcraft are big no-nos)
  • Daps,
    not handshakes, unless you really, really like being stuck at home with
    fever and aches.
  • Tell a
    musician that you sincerely appreciate the joy and happiness he or she has
    brought into this world.



Meanwhile, if you happen to see a turkey anywhere, be sure
to wring that sucker’s neck. It’s the good, Christian thing to do, and it has
been officially approved this year by the GOP. Here are some suggestions of
necks you might consider wringing – happy Thanksgiving, everyone, from your
friendly neighborhood Blurt!











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