Quasi Returns w/New LP in Feb.


New Steve
Fisk-produced platter their first effort in four years.


By Blurt Staff


Kill Rock Stars will be releasing the new album from Portland’s  Quasi (Sam Coomes, Janet Weiss, Joanna Bolme) on
February 23. American Gong was recorded at Jackpot Studios by Kendra
Lynn and was mixed by Steve Fisk (Unwound, Sleater-Kinney, Shoplifting) This is
Quasi’s first studio album since 2006’s When The Going Gets Dark and
first for Kill Rock Stars. This will be their 8th album since
forming in ’93.


The band advises us that their reason for soldiering on,
even in on-again/off-again fashion, after all these years, is simple: “Get off
your ass, kick out the jams, lay it on the line, & communal mind meld is
within reach.  Do it for love & there is no reason for regret.”

Quasi will be touring this winter/spring and on New Year’s Eve Quasi will be
performing covers of The Who at the Doug Fir in Portland, OR.


01. Repulsion
02. Little White Horse
03. Everything And Nothing At All
04. Bye Bye Blackbird
05. The Jig Is Up
06. Black Dogs and Bubbles
07. Death Is Not The End
08. Rockabilly Party
09. Now What
10. Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler
11. Howler




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