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Blurt blogger spills
the legal and moral beans in her latest entry. Make sure you read between the


By Fred Mills


“Most of you are aware of my sublime, decadent Libertine
indulgences that have made me somewhat of an outlaw in the Los Angeles social scene. I’ve never denied


Thus writes metal mistress and activist Otep Shamaya in her
latest BLURT blog as she drops the bombshell: she’s getting married – to a woman.
“Why,” she continues, “should I say no when an A-list actress decides she wants
to walk on the dyke-side and engage in the dark Sapphic arts? I am madly in
love and there is no going back.”


However, there’s one little hitch: the legalities involved.


“In order to legally
(and morally) marry the woman I love – I have no other choice but to …become
A MAN. Yes, sexual-reassignment surgery. No, I am not kidding. I am buying a
penis. A real one. Oh, how I will miss my magnificent breasts and elegant
vagina! But say good-bye, I must. The doctor assures me that my metamorphosis
will be a masterpiece that will shame Michelangelo! I will be fitted with two
perfectly plump and proportioned testicles and (as the centerpiece) a
beautiful, robust and veiny, 8-inch peen.”


Read Otep’s full blog HERE – comments are encouraged,
incidentally. Her previous installment generated more reader commentary than
any blog or story we’ve ever published at BLURT.


Otep on the web: . Essential listening: her new album Smash
the Control Machine




In other news, the bigoted voters of Maine
yesterday rejected gay marriage, thereby repealing a 6-month old law in Maine
that allowed same-sex marriages and joining California as yet one more bastion of
Amerikan hypocrisy.





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