New Animal Collective Due Late Nov.


Five song EP to serve as
stopgap release while we wait for next full-length.


Blurt Staff


Collective are set to release a new five
track studio EP on November 23rd 2009
(digitally) and 15th December (physically).


Titled Fall Be Kind, it was recorded by Ben Allen at Sweet Tea in Oxford, MS in February
2008 and at Mission Sound in Brooklyn,
NY August 2009. The EP includes
recent live favorites “Graze” and
“What Would I Want? Sky”
(featuring the first ever licensed Grateful Dead sample). 

The EP comes less than one year after the
band’s acclaimed album Merriweather Post Pavilion which
wowed fans and critics across the globe. Your friendly neighborhood BLURT –
mindful of the hype that’s surrounded the band of late – offered a positive, if
somewhat cautionary assessment, writing:


Post Pavilion
may be the most
hyped album by a band few people have ever heard of. Before it was even
officially released, bloggers were proclaiming it the best album of 2009. In
this case, you can believe the hype – well, most of it anyway.
Merriweather is a very strong album and another step
forward for an already-terrific band. But it’s not quite a masterpiece. What
Animal Collective has done is combine the electronics, psychedelia and tribal
rhythms of its previous records with the Beach-Boys-In-Space sound of band
member Panda Bear’s 2007 solo album
Person Pitch. The result is an album that’s both experimental and accessible, a
rare feat. But like
Person Pitch, there
are times when
Merriweather is too focused on a sound or mood, instead
of on actual songs. For every “Summertime Clothes,” which could be
played on Top 40 radio in an alternate universe, there are other tracks that,
while always interesting, tend to run together. In other words, it’s an album
well worth owning. Just don’t sell your copy of
Pet Sounds for it.


With that in mind, keep your eyes peeled for a review of the new EP around
the time of the digital release. We’ve been listening to it over the past week and thumbs are definitely up so far.


Track Listing:


1 – Graze
2 – What Would I Want? Sky
3 – Bleed
4 – On a Highway
5 – I Think I Can




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