MP3: New Citay Album Due in January


Followup to acclaimed 2007 album Little Kingdom; check
out a new track, below.


By Blurt Staff


Dream Get Together, the third long player from San Francisco’s Citay, is
slated for a January 26 on Dead Oceans. Here’s how the label describes the
forthcoming set:



“Dream Get Together channels
everything we love about Citay into their most cohesive and sophisticated album
yet. The symphonic dueling lead guitars, soaring vocals, grandiose acoustic
explorations and audacious synth solos are all present, sewn together
seamlessly into an epic work.


Seldom has there been
a more obvious choice for an album-opener than “Careful With That
Hat,” a song propelled by a deep groove and swing that practically begs
the listener to stand up and air-drum wildly. The vocals soar, the lead guitars
catch fire and the mammoth solo (courtesy of guitarist Josh Pollock) builds to
an ecstatic explosion. This is the shot across the bow.”


Here’s an advance peek via the MP3 for


We are all about shots across the bow!


Led by songwriter Ezra Feinberg, Citay has made a career out
of studio exploration, recalling a time when studio excess was the norm.
Producer Tim Green, of the Fucking Champs, is no stranger to sonic indulgence,
and together Feinberg and Green have woven together a musical tapestry that is
both heavy and sweet. In Citay, the metal leanings of Green’s band are replaced
by an altogether different brand of fantasy rock. Joining Feinberg in Citay is
drummer Warren Huegel, whose rhythmic sensibilities are best exemplified not
only by his thunderous beats, but also his percussion decorations that lift the
Citay sound from the ground up. Flanking Feinberg’s acoustic six string live
are the electric guitars of Sean Smith and Josh Pollock. Bassist Diego Gonzalez
holds it all together throughout. Feinberg shares vocal duties on Dream Get
with Tahlia
Harbour and Meryl Press,
whose sweet voices play the perfect foil to the bombast.


One of many highlights of Dream Get Together is
“Mirror Kisses,” a song Feinberg wrote specifically for guest
vocalist Merrill Garbus (of Tune-Yards) to sing in three-part harmony with
Harbour and Press of Citay. With the soaring Ebow guitars and vocal harmonies,
“Mirror Kisses” is Citay at its most lush and melodic. In contrast,
“Hunter” is Citay at its most excessive – a triumphant instrumental
anthem that somehow bridges the gap between Klaus Schulze and The Scorpions.
With a spaced-out synth solo by Josh Robinow of Howlin’ Rain,
“Hunter” is a majestic ride. Dream Get Together closes with a
gorgeous rendition of Galaxie 500’s “Tugboat,” in which Citay replaces
the reverb-y electric guitars with clean acoustic strumming and Fripp-ed out
sonics, preserving the beauty of the original while making the song their own.




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