Mike Watt & James Willamson Talk Stooges


Watt (on Bass) and
Williamson (on Axe) on all things not necessarily Iggy…


By Fred Mills


Followers of the mighty Mike Watt are familiar with the
Minutemen/Stooges/Secondmen bassist’s “The Watt From Pedro Show” which can be
downloaded as a podcast from his TWFPS site. Last weekend Watt had a special
guest – new/old Stooges guitarist James Williamson, and the pair weighed in on
the band’s estimable legacy, the upcoming reunion shows, and more.


And get a look at some of the tunes Watt spun during the
course of the three-hour webcast (the Williamson interview is in two parts
during the first two hours, then the third hour is given over to some intriguing


“three little words” john coltrane

“dancing queen” petra haden

“shake appeal” iggy & the stooges

“death trip” iggy & the stooges

“kill yr idols” sonic youth

“raw power” (live) iggy & the stooges

“no more white horses” t2

“at beef’s house” 7 foot buffer

untitled (recorded sep 21, 2009) shiner w/motoko honda

“crayons” disconsolate manufactory

“fear and science” lo-fi calvinists

“full bladder” qtera

“shadow and traveler” bad taste

“sprovod” pleme

“put some clothes on” the nice sharp pencils

“flanger in the night” the cosmic plot

“beat over brains” black mamba beat!

“truck” dmf

“step inside our lives” kings of lowertown

“tank” pull anchor

“quiet sound” jimmy ohio


Check it out now at the Watt site





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