Michael Jackson & Wesley Willis on DVD!

The mind just boggles
at the marketing possibilities… Rock over Gary,


By Blurt Staff


Okay, okay, we’re whupping that intern who wrote the
headline – we don’t mean to imply that Jacko and Wes are on the same DVD. But hey, if it caught your attention…


The good culture-vultures over at MVD Visual have announced
the impending release of DVDs from both deceased entertainers. The first, Wesley Willis’ Joy Rides, arrives on
Dec. 8 and is described as following “the life of the prolific and controversial artist on his
journey from obscurity to fame. [It] won the Gold Hugo for the Chicago Award at
the 2008 Chicago International Film
Festival [and premiered at the Slamdance
Film Festival in January 2008 and has since been shown at various other
festivals, including Noise Pop and SXSW.


“A Chicago native, Wesley Willis became an underground rock icon, revered artist and
hero to many before his untimely death in 2003. Termed by some as an
“outsider artist” due to his schizophrenia, the film examines
Wesley’s ability to draw people in despite his intimidating facade. Through his
force of personality and his artistic talents, Wesley’s music and art attracted
people from all walks of life. Greeting people with a headbutt and a request to
say “rah” and “roh”, Wesley quickly stood out in a crowd. Through interviews with
friends and footage from the last four years of Wesley’s life, a portrait
emerges of a man whose day-to-day existence was wrought with pain and joy.
Although his life was troubled, Wesley never
stopped creating. He continued to draw pictures and write songs up until his death.”



will be a series of free screenings for the DVD too; view the trailer below.

PHILADELPHIA – Monday Nov 30
 Midnight Screening of Wesley
Willis’s Joy Rides

 National Mechanics Bar & Restaurant Old City Philadelphia
22 S 3rd St – Philadelphia, PA 19106
(With music by Bobo, Personae Joe Melchiorre, Technophobes, and more!)
CHICAGO – Sunday, December 6th
at 7pm
 The Empty Bottle
1035 N Western Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622
(With music following the screening.)
BROOKLYN – Monday, December 7th
at 8pm
 Glasslands Gallery
289 Kent Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(With music by Teenage Prayers and Eric Lindley)





lso arriving Dec. 8 is Michael Jackson
Life & Times Of The King Of
Pop 1958-2009.
last days and Memorial Service are captured in this 79-minute film. Wilson Ebiye, President and CEO of Rock City Entertainment (who teamed
with MVD for the project), said in a statement, “The Life and Times of
the King of Pop 1958-2009
is a great companion piece to This Is It.
The film is a concerted effort to preserve and protect Michael’s legacy of
humanitarianism, peace and love.”

Life & Times Of The King Of Pop
features appearances at the Memorial Service by a
wide-ranging cast of celebrities and entertainers such as Usher, Janet Jackson, Jermaine
Jackson, The Jacksons, Berry Gordy, Brooke Shields, Magic
Johnson, Rev. Al Sharpton,
Stevie Wonder and Lionel Richie.


Uh-huh. Well, we’re putting our money on the Wesley
Willis flick for entertainment and archival value… rock over Gary, Indiana,







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