Meat Beat: Morrissey to Work W/McCartney



The headline, though
deliberately misleading, is absolutely true.


By Blurt Staff


Reports out of Britain this morning have ex-Beatles
Paul McCartney’s designer daughter Stella partnering with ex-Smiths singer Morrissey
to create a line of leather free shoes. McCartney has already been working with
singer Leona Lewis on a line of clothing designed to appeal to vegans and vegetarians.


“I’m working with Morrissey on a line of leather-free shoes
which I’m really excited about,'” McCartney told a reporter for the Daily Mail. “We are still in the early
stages but the shoes could be launched next year.”


Hmmm…. “leather free” shoes…. What a radical concept. Wait,
here’s an idea: Maybe make them out of FABRIC and call them SNEAKERS?

Heaven knows we’ll be miserable of they go for some leather-like material but
don’t figure out how to make the dang things breathe. Ye old BLURT managing
editor Mills tells us that he sold shoes for 10 years and knows about this




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