King Khan/BBQ + Those Darlins = Chaos!

Two maverick bands team up to go out
on a maverick tour… no Sarah Palins allowed… what’s not to like?

By Blurt Staff


King Khan & BBQ Show are about to hit the road with their distaff pals
Those Darlins, and you know that’s gonna be a good thing. If you ain’t up on
all this yet, be prepared for some serious garage-rockin’, roots-twangin’
chaos. See below for tour dates, and meanwhile, here are some testimonials:


Those Darlins’, out of Tennessee,
crank a sound as raw and sassy as Wanda Jackson in her prime. These three
20-something ladies – Kelley, Jessi and Nikki Darlin’ – hitch down-home gospel
harmonies to uptempo punk beats, honky tonk guitar riffs to acerbic lyrics.
Trad country subject matter, loving, losing and, especially, drinking, takes on
a willful female streak in these songs. How many guys come home loaded and eat
a whole chicken (“The Whole Damned Thing”)? And only a girl, grounded
by a DUI, would urge her sisters, “Remember if you want to drink and
drive/Better find a boy to take you home at night.” This spring’s Wild
EP previewed the self-titled album’s three best songs: “Wild
One,” “The Whole Damned Thing” and “Snaggle Toothed
Mama.” Since then, the band and producer Jeff Curtin (Vampire Weekend)
have fleshed out the songs nicely – without sacrificing any of their bite. – Blurt Magazine (Jennifer Kelly)


King Khan must have thought Blurt was stalking him at this year’s
SXSW in Austin, for not only did we catch him perform multiple times, we
somehow wound up in his proximity at a slew of other shows (that Sonics gig was
awesome). Coincidence, honest! Meanwhile, though, we’re definitely obsessed by
his latest waxings. Invisible Girl finds KK and his pal BBQ (aka Mark
Sultan) dancing across a lo-fi minefield with a light-footed, guitar-and-drums
glee. Everything from messy-but-sexy doo-wop (“Anala”) and jangly
neo-British Invasion (“Invisible Girl”) to Nuggets-approved
garage stomp (“Truth or Dare”) and ‘60s soul (“I’ll Be Lovin’
You,” which sounds like Sam Cooke fronting the White Stripes) comes under
their purview-in short, exactly what you’ve come to expect from the duo. – Blurt Magazine (Fred Mills)


“The first time I heard Khan and BBQ
was in the passenger seat of a Mustang convertible, driving too fast
with the top down. I’m sure I was standing and screaming, and I may have been
waving my shirt around my head. This is the music of rumpus and puberty, a
sweaty hug from an old friend, crystallized for anytime ingestion.” – Atlanta Music Guide (Bryan Aiken)

“I thought I’d knew what to expect from Those Darlins on stage-quirky,
Carter Family-influenced country-pop. Nope. These girls blew their audience away…Straight outta Appalachia,
these girls are brazen and bewitching, and bring a straight-up rock ‘n’ roll spontaneity and excitement to the stage
like I haven’t seen in quite some time. I hope they move to San Francisco and become
my friends, but no matter where they end up, Those Darlins are going places.”- Crawdaddy (Angela Zimmerman)


11/4 Atlanta, GA @ Star Bar
11/5 Birmingham, AL @ Bottletree
FRI 11/6 NEW ORLEANS, LA – Spellcaster Lodge
SAT 11/7 Batton Rouge, LA – Spanish Moon
TUE 11/10 MEMPHIS, TN Hi Tone
THUR 11/12 ST. LOUIS, MO Off Broadway
11/13 Lawrence, KS @ Jackpot Music Hall
SAT 11/14 DENVER, CO Bluebird
MON 11/16 PHOENIX, AZ Rhythm Room
TUE 11/17 LOS ANGELES, CA Troubadour
WED 11/18 SAN FRANCISCO, CA The Independent
FRI 11/20 PORTLAND, OR Dante’s
SAT 11/21 SEATTLE, WA Chop Suey
SUN 11/22 BELLINGHAM, WA The Nightlight
MON 11/23 VANCOUVER, BC The Red Room
WED 11/25 CALGARY, AB Warehouse 
THUR 11/26 EDMONTON, AB Pawn Shop
FRI 11/27 SASKATOON, SK Amigos 
SAT 11/28 WINNIPEG, MB Royal Albert
SUN 11/29 MINNEAPOLIS, MN Triple Rock
TUE 12/1 MILWAUKE, WI Mad Planet
WED 12/2 CHICAGO, IL Logan Square
THUR 12/3 CINCINNATI, OH Northside Tavern





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