Fiery Furnaces Re-record Themselves

Not quite a remix… not
quite a remake… not sure exactly WHAT to call it…


By Blurt Staff


Amid all the brouhaha over that supposed feud going on between
Beck and the Fiery Furnaces’ Matt Friedberger (go here if you’re not up on that…
ultimately, it’s kinda boring, however… rock beefs just don’t have the same pizazz as hip-hop ones…), pretty much everyone overlooked the
fact that the Furnaces just announced the impending release of a new album –
their second in barely six months. It’s to be a digital-only title, issued by
Thrill Jockey, and can be nabbed at the label’s website.


Fans already know that the Furnaces have been reworking,
rearranging, and rewriting their songs live since they first started touring in
2003.  They have taken this practice one
step further on the new record, Take Me
Round Again
.  Recorded separately
this past July in Michigan and New York, Matt and
Eleanor each recorded 6 songs that originally appeared on I’m Going Away (issued in July). All that remains the same are the


Eleanor: “I’ve gotten into the habit of rewriting songs
Matt has written, just as a way of practicing and singing at home.  Originally, I had wanted to record a
folk-style record called Eleanor
Friedberger sings the songs of the Fiery Furnaces
.  I thought it would make a nice greatest hits
record, but reworking I’m Going Away before it even came out seemed a lot more exciting.”


Matthew:  “After
asking people to send us their re-write of I’m
Going Away
before having heard it (,
I thought we owed it to them to make an actual alternate version of the
record.  And not just leave all the new
arranging for live shows.” 


Speaking of live shows, the Furnaces are in Denver tonight, and then starting on Dec. 4 will be dong a
string of shows in the New York area,
eventually landing in Chicago
on Dec. 30 and 31 to ring in the New Year. Dates are here.






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