Cyril Neville Is Chahta Indian Ambassador


One of New Orlean’s
musical ambassadors now a genuine cultural ambassador.


By Blurt Staff


Cyril Neville of the Neville Brothers was formally introduced as the new ambassador
of  the Chahta Indian tribe.  All his life, his mother, father and uncle
taught him that he was a Choctaw Indian, which he said is correctly pronounced
“Chahta.” But he only recently found the historical records that
document his ancestry. 


Check out this clip via the the Times-Picayune as Cyril
Neville sings ‘Indian Red,’ during his reception as the new ambassador of the
Chahta Indians at Bonfouca near Slidell LA.


“I feel humbled and empowered at the same time,”
Neville said, in a statement. Neville’s new role as ambassador will be to speak
for the tribes that are centered in St.
Tammany and include descendents of the 125 Chahta, Creek and Cherokee who did
not leave during the forced relocation under Andrew Jackson, called the Trail
of Tears. Members are spread throughout the Florida Parishes, and since
Hurricane Katrina, are scattered in 29 states.


Brand New Blues,
Neville’s first release in eight years, was released in April on MC




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