Wooed by Moo

The last couple of years, I’ve been off meat, generally. If it’s bloody, it’s out. I know, kind of weenie. Believe me, I have tried. But unless it’s stringy, in a pattie, in casing or bacon, no go.

But our friends have been raving about this local meaterie, Fleisher’s. It’s the next town over, about a 30 minute drive. High-end stuff, all organic. So we finally go on Saturday and at first, I’m a little wary. The vibe is well… all-meat, all-the-time. A hand-painted sign above a cabinet full of spices commands “Rub Your Meat.” Five points for bawdy humor. Although, I steer far away from the ribeye and steak section, which, I know, if that’s your thing, these babies are like the gleaming rubies of Meatville. But when in Rome….

About 10 of us were waiting around for 15-20 minutes while the clerk took what seemed like forever helping the guy in front of us (he’d never heard of kielbasa!). More and more people were piling in. Call me impatient []


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