Video: Nirvana Doesn’t Debut New Song, But…


WWST? (What would Scientologists
think?) Trench coats and cardigan sweaters meet mosh pits and anarchy symbols
pasted to cheerleaders’ tits: Rickrolling with Kurt Cobain & Tha Crew…


By Blurt Staff


So we’re in a YouTube mood today, sue us. But it just
occurred that since we’re now into October, a lot of long lead-time magazines
and critics are compiling their 2009 year-end best-ofs. Admittedly, that’s
borderline absurd; there are some awesome releases about to drop in late Oct.
and early Nov., so how can you make your annual picks this early? (Trust us;
we’ve had to do it ourselves, so we feel your pain, fellow scribes.) But we


At any rate, since we’re posting Thom Yorke and Bruce
Springsteen vids to the BLURT site (now THERE is a mashup waiting to happen…
“Born In The Paranoid Android,” anyone?), and we have some spare time before
leaving for our Monday morning pedicure, we decided to also post our
hands-down, no-debate-necessary, favorite video of the past year, below. In the
rare event that you didn’t nab the MP3 first time around – the song originally
appeard on DJ Morgoth’s Mash-Up Your
Bootz Vol. 4
album – or are not among the million-plus who have viewed the
clip already, it should still be self-explanatory.


All props to DJ Morgoth for the music, along with YouTube
maestro thriftshopxl for posting the video clip back in the summer, and making
our lives immeasurably richer.



Seriously. This is pure genius. Keep on Rickrolling. “Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up”:





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