Tom Waits Forecasts Doom w/Live LP


Meanwhile, there’s also those matters about the
sexuality of Christ and the lonely journey of the male seahorse.


Blurt Staff


Waits is set to release Glitter and Doom
, a collection of outstanding live tracks from his 2008 sold out US and
European tour. This two CD set contains 17 live recordings from ten nights along
the tour including, Birmingham, Edinburgh,
Tulsa, Knoxville,
Atlanta, Paris, Milan, Jacksonville, Dublin and Columbus.
The second CD entitled, Tom Tales holds nearly 40 minutes of Waits quixotic
ruminations on topics ranging from romantic spiders to injured vultures. The CD
will also come with a booklet of live photos. It drops Nov. 24 on Anti-.


vinyl version of Glitter and Doom Live will feature gatefold sleeve with live photos from the tour and contain all 17
tracks but no Tom Tales. Inside the LP, Anti- is providing a card w/mp3
download instructions, which will enable the buyer to download Tom Tales as


the live discs encapsulate Waits in all his chug, boom and steam. His
shamanistic vocals, innovative arrangements, visionary lyrics, pounding rhythms
and emotional melodies are all here. There are dark swampy tribal rhythms,
ominous hymns, and cautionary tales all swirling around Waits’ unmistakable
howl and croon. The CD has a dead man singing to his widow, a convict’s last
words, an instructional dance number, lamenting sword swallowers and bragging
pirates. All of the tracks were personally selected and sequenced to give you
the feeling of one great night on tour.



October 12, went live. Fans are invited to
wander and roam through the first ever official website for all things Waits:
news, updates on recordings, new releases, tours, films and more. A resource
for lyrics, photos, wit and wisdom, strange but true tales, and more
imponderables on topics as far ranging as the origin of consciousness, the
sexuality of Christ and the lonely journey of the male seahorse.




  1. Lucinda / Ain’t Goin Down (Birmingham –
    07/03/08) – 5:37
  2. Singapore (Edinburgh –
    07/28/08) – 5:00
  3. Get Behind The Mule (Tulsa – 06/25/08) –
  4. Fannin Street (Knoxville –
    06/29/08) – 4:16
  5. Dirt In The Ground (Milan – 07/19/08) –
  6. Such A Scream (Milan – 07/18/08) –
  7. Live Circus (Jacksonville –
    07/01/08) – 5:04
  8. Goin’ Out West (Tulsa – 06/25/08) –
  9. Falling Down (Paris – 07/25/08) –
  10. The Part You Throw Away (Edinburgh –
    07/28/08) – 5:07
  11. Trampled Rose (Dublin – 08/01/08) –
  12. Metropolitan Glide (Knoxville – 6/29/08)
    – 3:10
  13. I’ll Shoot The Moon (Paris – 07/24/08) – 4:25
  14. Green Grass (Edinburgh – 07/27/08) – 3:20
  15. Make It Rain (Atlanta – 07/05/08)
    – 3:58
  16. Story (Columbus – 06/28/08)
    – 2:02
  17. Lucky Day (Atlanta – 07/05/08)
    – 3:47


credit: Michael Regan




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