This is Awesome: Complex Soundboard 2


Some serious
hallelujah hollabackin’ going on again…


By Blurt Staff


Awesome, yes. Remember the “Complex Soundboard” that
surfaced on back in August? The one that played off the Sgt. Pepper’s album sleeve and featured
assorted hip-hop, reggae and assorted personalities – everyone from Bill
O’Reilly and Bizzy Bone to Spike Lee and President Obama – and you’d click on
their faces to trigger a sound sample and corresponding word bubble? (Obama’s
“Hallelujah hollaback” wasn’t too shabby.) If you click on a bunch of them in
succession you get a whole chorus of hollabackin’!

        At the bottom is the image of the original ‘board (go here to try
out the actual soundbytes). So now they are showcasing “Complex Soundboard 2,” and while
it’s not as visually elaborate (it’s pictured at the top of the page), it’s
still pretty ace. Go here to hear the soundbyes; the Joker’s “Why so serious?”
is always welcome, while Kim Kardashian may or may not be having an orgasm, and
it goes without saying that you definitely need to hear Raekwon intoning “I’ll
fuckin’ lay your nuts on a fuckin’ dresser” at least once or twice a day.

        The rogues gallery for CP2 is as follows:


ROW 1: (Left to right) President Obama,
Olivia Munn, Ras Kass [Ed.-it’s his boy in the clip], Ras Trent, Rick Ross,
Eric Cartman, Kanye West (South
Park version)

ROW 2: The Joker, Larry David, Lil Wayne,
Kim Kardashian, Mooj (from The 40-Year-Old Virgin), Latarian Milton, Jonah Hill

ROW 3: Randy (Aziz Ansari in Funny
People), Red (Danny McBride in Pineapple Express), Clay Davis (The Wire),
Smokey (Friday), Kanye West, Tommy Buns (DMX in Belly), Howard Dean

ROW 4: Bow Wow, 50 Cent, Brick Tamland
(Anchorman), Cam’ron, Kenny Powers, Leon Black (J.B. Smoove in Curb Your
Enthusiasm), Super Craka

ROW 5: Brian Collins, Leroy Jenkins, 2Pac,
Mike Tyson, Superhead, Craig Robinson (as club bouncer in Knocked Up),
Christian Bale

ROW 6: Kim Kardashian, David Letterman,
Raekwon, R. Kelly, Super Craka, Jay-Z, O-Dog (Menace II Society)


And if you are digging all that, don’t forget to check out the David Lee
Roth soundboard we told you about almost a year ago, that came courtesy A day without Diamond Dave is… you know…






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