Simple Minds + OMD = Kraftwerk?!?


It’s the bizarre collaboration of the year!


By Blurt Staff


Simple Minds and OMD will
appear on stage together for the very first time when they perform Kraftwerk’s
“Neon Lights” on their forthcoming UK tour which kicks off at the
Newcastle Metro Arena on 30th November. 


The news follows OMD’s
recent appearance in the BBC 4 television documentary ‘Synth Britannia’ that
chronicled the rise of electronic and industrial pop music in the mid 70s and
early 80s. “Neon Lights,” originally released on Kraftwerk’s 1978
album The Man Machine, will be
performed together by OMD and Simple Minds during Simple Minds’ set on every
date of their UK
tour. Both bands have previously performed Neon Lights in their own right.


Says Jim Kerr of Simple
Minds, “Kraftwerk were the link between a whole generation of kids in the UK that used
synthesizers to define some of the 80’s most glorious pop music. In our own way
we want to honour their influence by performing ‘Neon Lights’.”


contribution to music is timeless,” says OMD’s Andy McCluskey.
“Kraftwerk was the reason why we formed OMD. Simple Minds and OMD listened
to Kraftwerk before we started making music, but eventually our individual styles
of music ventured into different directions. Simple Minds’ early electronic
rock albums Empires and Dance and Reel To Reel Cacophony defined
industrial electronic rock with ‘I Travel’, while OMD explored electronic
soundscapes and minimalism with our early songs ‘Electricity’ and ‘Messages’.”



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