“Perfect Age” Rock Flick at CMJ


of Age:  CMJ Music Festival Premiers “The
Perfect Age of Rock-n-Roll”  Indie Film.


By Michael Plumides


In its 29th annum, The CMJ Music Festival
(College Media Journal), will now premier a number of “Feature films and music
docs that have played in film fests around the world,” in 2009, to
add a new dimension to the three decade old gathering.  The festival runs
from October 20th thru the 24th, and will offer viewings of a number of films.
CMJ opens with “The Perfect Age of Rock-n-Roll” and closes with the film, “The


George Clooney’s “The Men Who Stare at Goats” and Milla
Jovovich’s “The Fourth Kind” among others will also show at the festival.  In a statement, Alex Steyermark, CMJ Film
Festival Artistic Director, commented on the lineup:  “We are so excited
to offer such a strong film line up to the CMJ community as well as film devotees
in the NYC metropolitan area.  Submissions were at an all-time high, and
we’ll be presenting almost twice as many films as in previous years. 
We’ve also added a new program, the Music Doc Showcase at Norwood, which is sure to become a signature
event of the festival.”



The opening film, “Perfect Age of Rock-n-Roll,” follows a
pair of excommunicated friends, Kevin Zegers (TransAmerica) as Spyder, and
Jason Ritter (Peter and Vandy) as Eric. Zegers’ Spyder is a spoiled but subdued
ex-rock star, whose debut album was a huge hit, but after his sophomore effort
flops, he is then forced to retreat to his hometown on Long
Island. Ritter plays Eric, the son of a legendary punk rock dad, who
whiles away the hours as a bored-to-death music teacher with dreams of rock
stardom. His ex-buddy Spyder left him behind for greener pastures (after
stealing a number of his songs and venturing out to Hollywood). After years of separation, Zegers
and Ritter reunite, although it’s not a happy reunion. Eventually all is
forgiven, and the two channel their talent and passion for music into a
cross-country road trip with a hellish group of bandmates on Route 66. During
their excursion down the legendary byway, the two are brought face-to-face with
their angels and demons, personified by the various character actors who share
the screen.  The ensemble cast includes:
Aimee Teergarden, Lucas Haas, Kelly Lynch, Billy Dee Williams, Lauren Holly, Taryn
Manning, and Peter Fonda.



“The Perfect Age of Rock-n-Roll” refers to the
age, 27, the cryptic numeral that so many famous young and vital rock stars
have met their demise, including but not limited to: Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin,
Brian Jones, Jim Morrison, Robert Johnson, and Jimi Hendrix, all joining the
hereafter before their time.  You wonder
if this turbulent trek might end in a Thelma and Louise-type fashion?  I can’t say. 
You’ll just have to wait and see.



The film is helmed by first-time director, Scott Rosenbaum
(who also co-wrote the film with Jasin Cadic). Rosenbaum had been developing
the project for almost 7 years, and was originally a musician turned stock
broker, and in recent years turned to film. Rosenbaum said of the festival, “I am really excited for the
CMJ music and film savvy crowd to see ‘Perfect Age’. And as a NY based filmmaker,
having the film’s NY premier is a real thrill.” Joseph White, a producer on the
film, commented on the NYC debut, saying, “We can’t wait for ‘The Perfect Age of
Rock-n-Roll’ to open this year’s CMJ Film and Music Festival. I can’t think of
a better place for a hardcore rock-n-roll movie to open, other than the
hardcore CMJ Festival in NYC.”  The film is
presently in negotiations for distribution.


Also appearing in the film
are blues greats Hubert Sumlin and Sugar Blue.  The film features an
original score arranged by New York Doll, Steve Conte and Andrew Hollander, as
well as music from Nirvana, Bob Dylan, Alice
in Chains, Jane’s Addiction, and The Stooges.


“Perfect Age of Rock-n-Roll”
won the “Outstanding Achevement in Filmmaking” award at the Newport Beach Film
Festival this past April, and also showed at the Woodstock Film Festival
earlier in October, where a number of the musicians who played in the film,
performed after the showing.


Festival passes, which permit entry to all of the feature
films, can be purchased on the CMJ site here.


Details on the film: www.theperfectageofrocknroll.com






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