Oxbow: Tour-Only LP + Crime Novel


Muscular Noise Band Announces New Songs For the French album and
European Tour; Eugene S. Robinson Publishes First Novel.


By Blurt Staff


Well, we have a ton of Oxbow news to report. First up: the
band will be doing a huge UK
and Euro tour staring Nov. 6 in France
and running until the end of the month. Tour dates can be found  at their official website (www.theoxbow.com)
or at their label Hydra Head’s site (www.hydrahead.com).


Speaking of touring… there is a new vinyl-only album, New Songs For the French, the band has
pressed up to be sold on tour. In typically impressionistic Oxbow fashion, they
are describing it thusly: “A highly conscious effort to do things exactly as we
ourselves would never do them in order to create a compelling bridgework
between THE NARCOTIC STORY of yesterday and THE THIN BLACK DUKE of tomorrow. Lyrically, musically, thematically this march into intuitive mind
has been Russian rouletted into existence, with Oxbow ceding control where
control has never been ceded.”


Ah – right. The tracklisting is as follows:


Side: HERE

Oxbow + Philippe Thiphaine
1.2 P.M.
3.Well-Dressed Man



Oxbow [live recordings]: Europe 2008
4.Frankly Frank [London]
5.La Luna [London]
6.The Duke: A Gentleman’s Gentleman [London,
7.Yoke [Rotterdam]



And finally, the band’s Eugene S. Robinson has just
published his first novel (and second book, the followup to 2007’s Fight:
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Ass Kicking But Were Afraid You’d Get
Your Ass Kicked For Asking
). It’s
titled A Long Slow Screw and it is described as “a two-fisted
hardboiled crime saga set in 1970s New
York that closely follows a diamond heist gone right
and then murderously wrong. Featuring a passel of punks, tough broads, shysters
and homicidal homos, it draws heavily on Robinson’s real life involvement with
elements partially detailed in Fight, weaving
a fictional story of the chaotic pre-9/11 world of New York City…. It reads
like a travelogue to the business end of a bunch of very, very bad things.”


Go to Robinson’s publisher Robotic Boot (www.roboticboot.com ) or to Robinson’s
website (www.eugenesrobinson.com )
for details on how to order. Tell ‘em BLURT sent ya…







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