Lushlife Launches Fan Remix Contest


Finished product will also include members
of Postal Service, Broken Social Scene and others.



Blurt Staff


summer, emcee/producer/multi-instrumentalist Lushlife released his
highly-anticipated sophomore full-length, Cassette City,
an album that delicately balances a classic hip-hop ethos with the artist’s
penchant for indie experimentation. Cassette City was met with critical acclaim from alls sides of the musical spectrum, from
hip-hop journalists to indie rock bloggers.



With Cassette City continuing to build momentum, Lushlife has embarked on yet another ambitious
and genre-defying project using the album’s source material. He’s recruited his
favorite bands, artists, and producers, from the realm of indie music to
contribute remixes of key songs from his original LP.



resulting remix EP, titled Leisure
Class/Stick-up Kids
, features a far-reaching cast of musicians. With a
glitchy jump-up contribution from The Postal Service/Dntel mastermind Jimmy
Tamborello, and a soca-tinged [yes, soca] interpretation from Broken Social
Scene founder Brendan Canning with producers Ryan Kondrat and John La Magna
[me&john], Leisure Class/Stick-up
will be, if nothing else, a fascinating experiment.



contributors to the project include Toronto
electronic-pop dudes, MADRID,
London-based low-fi outfit Gentle Friendly, as well as a solo effort from Sleep
Whale drummer Spencer Stephenson under the moniker Abacus.  Even Lush’s neighbors in Philly, the boys
from Brown Recluse, will put their ‘60s-pysch-pop spin on his patented boom-bap



addition to these official remixes, fans will get a chance to remix a song from
Cassette City themselves, via a site
launched in cooperation with music industry non-profit, The site:
The Tamborello remix is already streaming at the website.



officially goes live today, October 1st, and will not only give fans a chance
to download multi-track stems and upload their own remixes, but will also be a
platform for the official remixers to post audio, video, and text, updating
fans on their in-progress works. Ultimately, the winning fan-submitted remix
will appear alongside the official re-workings on a digital release of Leisure Class/Stick-up Kids.



Leisure Class/Stick-up Kids is a chance
to see rap music projected through the artistic prisms of a wide variety of
incredible artists. As such, Lushlife is encouraging fan-submissions from a
broad swathe of musicians. Whether you’re an electronic composer of the most
eccentric variety, a folk singer, a dub beat scientist, or even an ordinary
hip-hop producer, the Leisure
Class/Stick-up Kids
remix project is an open-ended outlet to reinterpret,
revisit, and recontextualize. 




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