Love Me, Love Me Nots


Phoenix garage combo blows through crowds like a
gale force wind.


By Fred Mills


In case you hadn’t noticed we run concert reviews here at the
BLURT site – lots, in fact; this past
week we posted our 200th. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and
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We also try to run exclusive photos whenever we can, and the
above image, of garage outfit The Love Me Nots frontwoman Nicole Laurenne, just
slays us. It was taken by Frank De Blase (salute to ya, Frank!) to accompany
Bill Holmes’ review of the Phoenix quartet’s
recent appearance at Rochester’s
Bug Jar.


Advises Holmes, “Not only is Nicole Laurenne a dynamic,
kinetic lead singer, she does it while banging out one-handed Farfisa riffs and
flaunting some go-go dance moves that are obviously too hot for the cage…. I’m
hard pressed to recall the last time a band came out of the chute with such
force. But they kept the pace up throughout a sixteen-song set.”


Glom onto that killer De Blase pic – it really does put into a single image what Holmes relates in his entire review – and check out Mr. Holmes’ comments here.



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