IT’S ALIVE! Chuck Biscuits Death Hoax


Punk drummer walks
among us! Blogger who “broke” the news of his death, however, ain’t too happy…


By Fred Mills


Happy Halloween! I’d like to say my face is red, both from embarrassment and
anger at being duped, but I’ve long been a fan of rock ‘n’ roll hoaxes, dating
back to the great Masked Marauders spoof in 1969. I mean, I even warmed up to
the Dwarves hoax that the scum-rockers pulled on Sub Pop (and themselves)
in 1992, so you could say that I’m kinda disposed to shenanigans and
tomfoolery, as evidenced by the Captain Beefheart album/tour prank we at BLURT
pulled some time ago (twice, actually) and the John Wesley Harding conspiracy we cooked up with JWH.


So the emails in the inbox this morning alerting me that the
news yesterday of the untimely demise of legendary punk drummer Chuck Biscuits
was in fact a hoax didn’t faze me much – in fact, I laughed out loud. Well,
throat cancer’s no laughing matter, but still… all’s fair in rock ‘n’ roll,
especially with Halloween just a couple of days away. Plus, there were multiple
media outlets reporting on the death, including, if memory serves, one with an
Associated Press byline; this is what happens when overworked/underpaid music
scribes don’t have time to do too much in-depth fact checking. I mean, BLURT
does have 12 interns, all luscious-but-capable, but they are technically sex
slaves, so…


There’s a really good account of how the Biscuits hoax
unfolded over at Brooklyn Vegan. Apparently a writer and huge Misfits fan named
James Greene Jr. got pranked into believing that Biscuits had been terminally
ill and finally passed away on Saturday. Greene published the news, and his story
subsequently got picked up by the press. The rest is viral history.


As Brooklyn Vegan reports, though, confirmation has come
from both D.O.A.’s Joe Keithley and the Circle Jerk’s Keith Morris tht Biscuits
is still very much among the living – or, in keeping with the Halloween season,
you could say he’s back among the living and
currently walks among us. Greene still appears to be in a state of shock about
having been duped, however, so you could probably characterize him as being
kinda like a zombie at the moment…



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