GWAR Smells, er, KILLS The Music!

Exclusive report from Atlanta concert and book


By Blurt Staff


You could smell the love in the air.  As you can tell
from the above photo, author Michael Plumides (also BLURT’s Social Networking
Editor) had his first photo op since the release of his book, Kill The Music, with lead singer and
ex-jailhouse roomie David Brockie, AKA Oderus Urungus of the shock-cock-rock group,



Plumides and Brockie were both present for a book
signing and performance at Masquerade in Atlanta,
Georgia, Tuesday
October 6, 2009.  Brockie and his Richmond
based band are celebrating their 25th Anniversary, and the release of Lust In Space on Metal Blade Records,
which debuted at #94 on Billboard in
August.  GWAR recently is spawning not only loads of bodily fluids but
also sponsorships from the likes of Jagermeister, and drew 1000-plus screaming,
blood-soaked fans to the Masquerade. 





An amazing show but it was a bit too sultry in the room,
almost enough to see steam coming off punks and metal heads, and on
several occasions, BLURT staff members witnessed bouncers carrying out young
slam-dancing nymphs suffering from heat exhaustion. Look for the new
issue of BLURT on newsstands next week for an excerpt of Kill The Music, along with never before seen photos of the infamous
GWAR show in North Carolina in September of 1990. 



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