Gaga’s “Bad Romance” (final) Arrives


Gearing up for that
gouge-the-fans 2CD deluxe edition reissue…


By Fred Mills


As Idolator put it in their news clip this morning – Lady
GaGa is representing “her fear of not putting out music that’s as glitzy as


This morning the track “Bad Romance,” from LG’s upcoming deluxe
reissue of 2008’s The Fame, a/k/a The Fame Monster (due November 23) was
released, and the sultry slice of Eurodisco is already sweeping the internet. Check
it out below. Glitzy, no? The tune, in unfinished form, leaked earlier this
month, likewise setting off rainbow colored firestorms across the blogosphere.



The album will be a 25-song double-disc, with 8 of those
tracks being newly-recorded material and three of them previously appearing as
bonus tracks on overseas editions. Once again, our hat is off to the music
industry for trying to plug its leaky boat by making  fans buy the same music twice. Hey, why not
issue it on 8-track while yer at it! See the full tracklisting below.


Disc 1:

  1. “Bad Romance”
  2. “Alejandro”
  3. “Monster”
  4. “So Happy I Could
  5. “Speechless”
  6. “Dance in the Dark”
  7. “Telephone”
  8. “Teeth”

Disc 2:

  1. “Just Dance”
    featuring Colby O’Donis
  2. “LoveGame”
  3. “Paparazzi”
  4. “Poker Face”
  5. “Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I
    Can Say)”
  6. “Beautiful, Dirty,
  7. “The Fame”
  8. “Money Honey”
  9. “Starstruck”
    featuring Space Cowboy and Flo Rida
  10. “Boys Boys Boys”
  11. “Paper Gangsta”
  12. “Brown Eyes”
  13. “I Like It Rough”
  14. “Summerboy”
  15. “Disco Heaven”
    (international bonus track)
  16. “Again Again” (U.K. bonus
  17. “Retro, Dance,
    Freak” (Japanese bonus track)


YouTube (audio-only) clips of the new, final version,
followed by the previous leaked/unfinished version:




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