Cool New 3” CD Sub Series to Debut


Limited editions will include. Richard Swift, Damien
Jurado, Cotton Jones and others.


Blurt Staff


Laminar Excursion Monthly is a 3″ subscription
service starting January 2010 and made available through the collaboration of
Crossroads of America Records and Flannelgraph Records. The folks involved
promise that “the intimacy of its sparsity and the intentionality of its medium” will
make it an even more fulfilling investment than a jelly-of-the-month club.


Dang. And all the BLURT wives and girlfriends just joined
that new jelly-of-the-month club outta D.C. Stop presses, we’re cancelling that
and signing up for LEM!


Subscribers will receive two new 3″ CDs at the beginning of
every month, starting in January, with a unique box to house the year’s
offerings being sent with the initial shipment.As we are advised, “Even if the
rest of your world falls apart, you can still count on having two new compact
discs arriving to your mailbox each month for the entire year.”

Each disc will hold approximately 20 minutes of brand new, unreleased material
from the artists. The joint effort is bringing together the rosters of both
labels as well as such notable artists as Richard Swift, Damien
(both pictured, above) Cotton Jones,
J. Tillman, Desolation
Bexar Bexar,
Danny Grody (of Tarentel and The Drift), Saxon
, and others.

Better act fact, however: Laminar
Excursion Monthly
will be limited to 100 subscribers. Think: limited
editions; future eBay fodder; etc.

The yearly subscription fee is $45.00 until January 1st.  If any
subscriptions are still available at that point, the fee raises to $50.00. Subscriptions will be
available at the Crossroads of America site (
beginning this coming Monday, November 2nd.


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