Blurt Band O’ The Week: James McMurtry


Our latest pick in the
series: Lone Star tunesmith and political rabble-rouser James McMurtry.


By Fred Mills


James McMurtry is our Band O’ The Week, the fifth selection
in our increasingly popular and prestigious series. Okay, so technically he’s
ARTIST of the week. Work with us here. Previous artists we picked – the Clean,
Os Mutantes, Avett Brothers, Panther – have all gained massive fame and reaped
amazing riches in the BLURT afterglow, natch, and McMurtry’s been glowing with
us along. You knew, for example, that he’s a BLURT blogger, right? If not,
check out his political and pop-culture screeds at “Wasteland Bait & Tackle”


So anyway, JM’s got a new album out this week, Live in Europe, a combined CD/DVD
release. As our reviewer put things, “It’s another chance to notice how in and
around the anger about macroscopic events, McMurtry is capable of extraordinary
nuance in describing the lives of ordinary people on a microscopic level… Apart
from refocusing songs away from the glare of diatribes against Dick Cheney, Live
in Europe
offers the distinctive pleasures of a typical James McMurtry
show, with his thousand and one guitars of perfect tone, and that impeccable
rhythm section of bassist Ronnie Johnson and drummer Darren Hess.”


McMurtry also debuted a new video at BLURT this week, “You’d a Thought
(Leonard Cohen Must Die)”. It’s from the new album of course, and you can
check it out in our video kiosk.


And check back each Friday for the latest BLURT Band O’ The



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