Blurt Band O’ The Week: Dev Banhart


Our latest pick in the
series: erstwhile freak-folkie Devendra Banhart.


By Fred Mills


Devendra Banhart is our Band O’ The Week, the sixth
selection in our increasingly popular and prestigious series. Okay, so
technically he’s ARTIST of the week. Work with us here. Previous artists we
picked – the Clean, Os Mutantes, Avett Brothers, Panther, James McMurtry – have
all gained massive fame and reaped amazing riches in the BLURT afterglow,


So anyway, DB has a new album out next Tuesday, Oct. 27: What Will We Be, and our intrepid
reviewer from the UK,
Meryl Trussler, nimbly dissected it in advance today. Writes Trussler, “Devendra
has muzzled his weird syllables and upped his production values a bit. Nothing
drastic, no mass-produced toothbrushes with Devendra’s face at the top. Which
would be scary… With that slithering voice weaving into the beats making a
bitching chimaera, it’s the joy of hearing him work any style that makes you
want to get the man drunk and take him to a karaoke night.”


Check back each Friday for the latest BLURT Band O’ The


[Photo Credit: Lauren Dukoff]




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