Austin City Limits Fest Day 1 Photos




Welcome to ACL! Here, have some grass!

Rumbling and rambling around the 2009 Austin City Limits Festival with photographer (and Blurt Associate Editor) Andy Tennille… Andy’s also Twittering from ACL all weekend, so follow his Blurtweets

Seth Avett of the Avett Brothers has some mid-afternoon wood:

An ever-earnest Phoenix gets even more earnest… gee fellas, it’s kinda hot out here in this sun…


Daniel Johnston would like to sell you a drawing he made 5 minutes ago backstage with a Sharpie…




Raphael Sadiq would like all the Joss Stone lookalikes in the crowd to please take off their tops….


Caleb Followil of Kings Of Leon goes off yet again about all the “haters” out there… memo to Caleb, humility will get you through times of no respect better than respect can get you through times of no humility. Just draping a small crucifix around your neck won’t cut it.


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