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Spoon Announces New LP for January


Why is that man trying
to hide?


By Fred Mills


Word just got slipped over the transom – okay, technically
it was something we just read over at Pitchfork and at the Merge Records site
that Spoon has set a target date of January 26 for the release of new album Transference. The 11-song album (full
tracklisting below) will include the recent single “Got Nuffin'”.


That’s no Halloween hoax, incidentally. Great news to start
the weekend off with. We’re stoked.






01 Before Destruction
02 Is Love Forever?
03 The Mystery Zone
04 Who Makes Your Money
05 Written in Reverse
06 I Saw the Light
07 Trouble Comes Running
08 Goodnight Laura
09 Out Go the Lights
10 Got Nuffin
11 Nobody Gets Me But You





IT’S ALIVE! Chuck Biscuits Death Hoax


Punk drummer walks
among us! Blogger who “broke” the news of his death, however, ain’t too happy…


By Fred Mills


Happy Halloween! I’d like to say my face is red, both from embarrassment and
anger at being duped, but I’ve long been a fan of rock ‘n’ roll hoaxes, dating
back to the great Masked Marauders spoof in 1969. I mean, I even warmed up to
the Dwarves hoax that the scum-rockers pulled on Sub Pop (and themselves)
in 1992, so you could say that I’m kinda disposed to shenanigans and
tomfoolery, as evidenced by the Captain Beefheart album/tour prank we at BLURT
pulled some time ago (twice, actually) and the John Wesley Harding conspiracy we cooked up with JWH.


So the emails in the inbox this morning alerting me that the
news yesterday of the untimely demise of legendary punk drummer Chuck Biscuits
was in fact a hoax didn’t faze me much – in fact, I laughed out loud. Well,
throat cancer’s no laughing matter, but still… all’s fair in rock ‘n’ roll,
especially with Halloween just a couple of days away. Plus, there were multiple
media outlets reporting on the death, including, if memory serves, one with an
Associated Press byline; this is what happens when overworked/underpaid music
scribes don’t have time to do too much in-depth fact checking. I mean, BLURT
does have 12 interns, all luscious-but-capable, but they are technically sex
slaves, so…


There’s a really good account of how the Biscuits hoax
unfolded over at Brooklyn Vegan. Apparently a writer and huge Misfits fan named
James Greene Jr. got pranked into believing that Biscuits had been terminally
ill and finally passed away on Saturday. Greene published the news, and his story
subsequently got picked up by the press. The rest is viral history.


As Brooklyn Vegan reports, though, confirmation has come
from both D.O.A.’s Joe Keithley and the Circle Jerk’s Keith Morris tht Biscuits
is still very much among the living – or, in keeping with the Halloween season,
you could say he’s back among the living and
currently walks among us. Greene still appears to be in a state of shock about
having been duped, however, so you could probably characterize him as being
kinda like a zombie at the moment…



Download New Yeasayer Single FREE


Culled from new album
that’s due next February.


By Blurt Staff


Barely a week ago we were reporting on the forthcoming
Yeasayer album, Odd Blood, due Feb. 9
on Secretly Canadian. This will be the first recording since Yeasayer’s
contribution of “Tightrope” to the Dark Was The Night benefit
compilation and their critically acclaimed debut LP All Hour Cymbals (Nov.


Meanwhile, next week the band drops “Ambling Alp,” released
digitally and on a limited 12″ vinyl packaged in a space age colored
metallic sleeve that will also feature remixes by Memory Tapes and DJ /rupture.
If you can’t wait, however, you can head over to Yeasayer’s official website
they’ve created for the single and download it free of charge. Just hand ‘em
your email addy and it’s yours.


Go here:
Hint: it’s awesome.



ANOTHER Friggin’ Punk Throbhead: Milo!

Milo goes back to college to learn sculpture. Meanwhile, GG still lives!


By Blurt Staff


Aggronautix is
releasing a limited-edition figure of everyone’s favorite pop punker, Milo of the Decendents (1000 copies, each numbered). Glom
onto that photo above – he’s in full action pose and has his trademark specs in
full effect.


I can’t believe it’s happening,” said Milo. “This is like
the pinnacle of success for me; it’s up there with the Playboy interview and
Vans shoe!”

Milo is the fourth punk personality to be
polyresinated by Aggronautix. In
May of 2009, the company launched with a highly popular GG Allin “1991” figure,
which was limited to 2000 numbered units, along with one for Tesco Vee of the


Allin throbblehead sold out so the company has now created an ultra-limited “Extra Filthy Bloody” Edition. This
is also circa 1991 with “added crud, blood, and cuts,” we are told, “loaded
into a full color ‘splatter’ box and accurately sculpted right down to the
tattoos, and copious amounts of blood and filth.” Only 500 numbered units are
being made.


Go to
the Aggronautix website for details. They
will also be available at many independent retailers, comic shops, tattoo
parlors, and Wal-Mart (just kidding).



Have A Bloody Slayer Halloween!

Metal monsters take
over MySpace for some demonic fun.


By Blurt Staff


Now THIS is
scary – even scarier than trying to navigate the clunky, slow-as-molasses
MySpace interface!


tonight at Midnight, Slayer will commandeer MySpace’s  Music Home Page for the entire Halloween

The first Slayer Halloween treat will be the exclusive premiere of Slayer’s
brand new album, World Painted Blood,
which is due in stores next Tuesday, November 3. Check out such sensitive
ditties as “Psychopathy Red,” “Hate Worldwide,” “Snuff,”
“Public Display of Dismemberment,” “Not of This God,” and
“Beauty Through Order” and the title track – the whole thing, start
to finish and on demand – until Tuesday when you can own your very own copy. It’s
even better than getting a box set of Saw DVDs.

But if you really want to get creeped out this Halloween, then check out the
video graphic novel Playing With Dolls,” which will be exclusively available for viewing on MySpace Music only through
the weekend, and then on Tuesday as part of the World Painted Blood Deluxe Edition.

No mere music video, the 20-minute “Playing with Dolls” was created
and directed by Mark Brooks (Metalocalypse) and is a stark, 12-part nightmare
that breathes corrupt life into Slayer’s latest syllabus of stalkers,
psychopaths and serial killers, merging their aberrant psyches into the
supremely focused desire of a single, merciless malcontent. A methodical
distillation of one man’s lethal frenzy, the film follows the gruesome
outbursts of a nameless protagonist. He is not an indiscriminate murder junkie,
but rather a highly creative snuff-artist with a deeply personal sense of
purpose – a man for whom murder is the only conceivable way forward. With a
black heart hardened by tragedy, he chooses his victims carefully. His methods
are as grisly and varied as they are poetic.

To complete this seizing of MySpace Music, every slot on the MySpace’s Music
Video Homepage will be filled with Slayer music videos, shout-outs, digital
clips of the band providing some behind-the-scenes perspective on World
Painted Blood
, and other terrifying tidbits.

Happy Halloween!




Pit Er Pat Has A Word With YOU.


New album is Wild!
Loud! Ungggghhh!!! Skry me a river!


By Blurt Staff


When Pit Er Pat sends a message down the vacuum tube to land
on our desk, we check it out pronto – as with the one , copied verbatim
(exclamation points, boldface, etc.) below.  It’s about their new album The Flexible Entertainer, due Jan. 26
from Thrill Jockey. Hey, who needs publicists when you can do your own press
releases with such elegance and erudition! Take careful notes, because there will
be a pop quiz on this sometime soon, kids.








All played by Butchy and Fay:   Electric Guitar,
Synthesizer, Voices, Kick Drum, Snare Drum, Cymbals, MPC and Assorted
Percussion. Largely recorded LIVE.  Recorded, mixed and mastered fall of
2009.  LP cut by John Gold at Salt.




Chuck Biscuits 1965-2009 R.I.P.

Respected drummer had
played with all the punk greats.


By Fred Mills


Charles Montgomery, a/k/a legendary punk and metal drummer
Chuck Biscuits, passed away Saturday, Oct. 24, following a battle with throat
cancer. He was 44 at the time of his death; news finally began getting out to
the media earlier today.



Biscuits had been an early member of Vancouver punk
godfathers D.O.A., playing with the band from 1978 to 1982 then joining Black
Flag in ’82, followed by a stint with the Circle Jerks from 1983-84. It was his
long run with Danzig, however, that cemented his reputation as one of the
underground’s premiere players, joining the band in 1987 and playing on the
first four, classic, Danzig studio albums; he left in 1994. Other groups on his CV would include Samhain and Social





Cool New 3” CD Sub Series to Debut


Limited editions will include. Richard Swift, Damien
Jurado, Cotton Jones and others.


Blurt Staff


Laminar Excursion Monthly is a 3″ subscription
service starting January 2010 and made available through the collaboration of
Crossroads of America Records and Flannelgraph Records. The folks involved
promise that “the intimacy of its sparsity and the intentionality of its medium” will
make it an even more fulfilling investment than a jelly-of-the-month club.


Dang. And all the BLURT wives and girlfriends just joined
that new jelly-of-the-month club outta D.C. Stop presses, we’re cancelling that
and signing up for LEM!


Subscribers will receive two new 3″ CDs at the beginning of
every month, starting in January, with a unique box to house the year’s
offerings being sent with the initial shipment.As we are advised, “Even if the
rest of your world falls apart, you can still count on having two new compact
discs arriving to your mailbox each month for the entire year.”

Each disc will hold approximately 20 minutes of brand new, unreleased material
from the artists. The joint effort is bringing together the rosters of both
labels as well as such notable artists as Richard Swift, Damien
(both pictured, above) Cotton Jones,
J. Tillman, Desolation
Bexar Bexar,
Danny Grody (of Tarentel and The Drift), Saxon
, and others.

Better act fact, however: Laminar
Excursion Monthly
will be limited to 100 subscribers. Think: limited
editions; future eBay fodder; etc.

The yearly subscription fee is $45.00 until January 1st.  If any
subscriptions are still available at that point, the fee raises to $50.00. Subscriptions will be
available at the Crossroads of America site (
beginning this coming Monday, November 2nd.


Preview: Jacko Tour Doc in L.A.


This Is It Michael
Jackson documentary marks final goodbye.


Jose Martinez


I managed to catch the new Michael Jackson tour documentary This
Is It
last night, in grand IMAX no less, amidst a theater full of
suburbia fans in Burbank, California.


I was expecting all the loonies to be out in full force, even dressed like the
self-proclaimed King of Pop, what I found was a very respectful and subdued
crowd, and more surprising, me enjoying Jackson’s final goodbye.


wouldn’t say I was MJ’s biggest fan, I own Off
The Wall
and Thriller, and the
most recent compilations that came my way as record company promos, but seeing
Jackson in this dress rehearsal footage, prior to his 50 sold out concert run
in London, was very impressive watching the man behind the scenes hard at work.


the foul stench still in the air from Sunday’s lackluster and thoroughly
disappointing U2 Rose Bowl concert, I enjoyed seeing Jackson doing his thing.
I’m not a fan of dance-oriented, pop performances as I often find them too
controlled and robotic. I prefer spontaneity in my rock & roll shows but
that went out the window viewing This Is
(Sony Pictures). At 50-years-old Jackson still had it. Unlike Bono, who
easily phoned in his performance Sunday night in front of a worldwide audience,
Jackson, even in a series of rehearsals, pulled it off.


why we rehearse,” he’d say every time someone made a mistake. Working with his
band, his backup singers and his bevy of young, star-struck dancers, Jackson
was having the time of his life getting ready for his “comeback” concerts.


the film in IMAX proved impressive not only because I was able to view the 35MM
print in its entirety, but because watching on that grand scale of a screen you
really get to see Jackson
up close and personal, which sometimes can be difficult looking at all his many
cosmetic imperfections. Sure, he looked skinny, almost frail, onscreen, but
never weak. There wasn’t talk of him not sleeping and he doesn’t come across as
someone heavily medicated. This is just a series of impressive rehearsals
performing monster hit after monster hit.


sadly after his death in June, perspective is starting to set in and I can appreciate
his talent and catalog, which I always new was stellar. This Is It isn’t just for the crazy, obsessive fans, it’s for all
of us that at one time or another marveled watching Michael Jackson dance or
enjoyed one of his songs. Seeming his last performances, and getting to hear
the new title track song during the closing credits, provides a sense of
closure to Jackson’s bizarre story.



Full of Shit: Billy Corgan’s Flu Rant

Blurt says, regardless
of how the Smashing Pumpkin dude tries to make you paranoid, please go out and
get your flu shot.


By Fred Mills


haven’t visited Billy Corgan’s spiritually-themed Everything From Here to There website all that often since he
launched it a little over a month ago. That’s not a reflection of any lack of
spirituality on our part; it’s just that we’re not that into celebrity blogs,
regardless of what their beliefs are. And as far as musicians doing blogs,
well… we’d probably be bored stiff by a blog by Dylan, come to think of it; we
buy his records because we want to hear his songs, and how he combines words
and music, not because we want to
read an essay or a dissertation.


Anyway, regarding Corgan (who, after all, has as much right
to do a blog as I have right to do this news item and opinion piece), his heart,
initially, did seem to be in the right place of course, when he described the
site thusly: “This is not a place of judgment, nor a place of making proof. We
begin with the idea that there is a God. We begin with the undying belief that
there is a unifying intelligence that manifests itself in Every-thing.”
Sounds good; we all want to think that something links us, and that as a human
race we share a collective intelligence – that’s what makes us human, after


So thanks, then, to Pitchfork for tipping us this morning to
Corgan’s new entry regarding the H1N1 vaccine that the government is racing to
get into the hands of medical personnel before the swine flu spreads further. You
may have heard about H1N1: it’s already causing scores of school closings, and it’s
likely that everyone reading this knows of someone who’s contracted the virus.
Speaking personally, I can add that I got a chill the other night when I was at
my kid’s Cub Scout pack meeting, wondered why it was so sparsely attended, and
then learned that several kids and one den leader were out with the swine flu.
Would they have contracted the flu if the vaccine had been available locally in
time? Who knows; it’s a moot point, though, when all credible news and
governmental reports (both national and at a state level) suggest that the
virus is moving speedily through the population.


You may also have heard how some folks are expressing
reservations about getting vaccinated, with reasons given ranging from
skepticism over how extensive the flu will actually be, to vaguely-expressed
fears over introducing a relatively new vaccine into their bodies, to an
outright belief that there’s some broad conspiracy afoot, probably
government-helmed, relating to H1N1.


Yes, and AIDS was introduced into the population in order to
kill all the homosexuals, and crack cocaine was a scheme of some governmental
Caucasian cabal to flood the ghetto and keep African-Americans “down.” Oh, and
Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin were all murdered by the CIA,
almost forgot that one too. Hold on a moment, I need to put on my aluminum foil


Add Corgan to the chorus of the anti-flu vaccine crowd.
Writes the Smashing Pumpkins frontman in a blog entry titled “Health and A


“There is something
mighty suspicious about declaring an emergency for something that has yet to
show itself to be a grand pandemic. Our American President Obama has declared a
national emergency about this virus, which he in his own words said was, at
this point, a preventative measure. So, why declare an emergency if there isn’t


Fair enough, although Corgan conveniently sidesteps the
semantic import of “emergency” in this context: do you think people would think
swine flu was much of a big deal if Obama had declared “a national
wait-and-see” situation? A couple of paragraphs later, Corgan’s paranoia begins
to kick in:


“I have friends that have gotten the
swine flu. All of them told me they felt very, very sick, and that it was
awful. So I’m not in any way suggesting that the H1N1 virus is not real. I
would suggest however that it is possible the virus is not a naturally
occurring virus. I have read reports from people who say (as doctors) that
there is evidence to suggest this virus was created by man; to call it Swine
Flu is then a misnomer, as it really is Swine Flu plus some other stuff
stitched together. These doctors said such genetic mutation was impossible in


Sure – ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, Billy. H1N1 could be one of
those rogue lab viruses some madman was fucking around with late one night when
he got drunk and accidentally flushed it down the toilet when he was taking a
whiz, thereby introducing the virus into the water supply – it’s possible.
Oops. For that matter the Phillies might all get sick with swine flue and the
Dodgers might have to be called in to play the Yankees – that’s possible, too. And
sure, ANYONE CAN WRITE A “REPORT” designed to counter a set of information,
even information, documented endlessly over the years, about genetic mutations
that occur in nature. (Hey, what did Darwin
know, anyway?) Regardless, Corgan’s comments roughly fall under the heading
“moot point” as well, because if the swine flu is making people as sick as
Corgan describes – NO MATTER HOW IT OCCURRED IN THE FIRST PLACE – then everyone
else needs to take precautions.


Then Corgan delivers the punch line, the coup de grace:



“I for one will not be
taking the vaccine. I do not trust those who make the vaccines, or the
[sic] behind it all to push
it on us thru fear. This is not judgment; it is a personal decision based on
research, intuition, conversations with my doctor and my ‘family’. If the virus
comes to take me Home, that is between me and the Lord. I have put up some of
these links to inspire the question in you, so that perhaps you can make a
better decision for yourself. That is what holistic life is about: a
willingness to look at all the facts or opinions.”



Absolutely. It is absolutely the right of the individual to
determine what is put into his or her body, based on what personal fact-finding
you’ve undertaken. And we salute Corgan for championing an ideal that we, also,
hold very dear: to look at ALL THE FACTS before arriving at an opinion.


However, a holistic life does not imply to look at ALL THE
OPINIONS, because some of those opinions may be WRONG if they were arrived at


One reason people need to get vaccinated as soon as H1N1
vaccines are available at their doctor’s office or local health department is
to protect the rest of the population from them – that is, you need to increase
the odds that YOU will not get infected so YOU don’t in turn infect someone
else. That’s called living a “holistic life”: making sure that you don’t act in
an ignorant or inconsiderate manner towards your fellow human beings; acts of
omission, in this context, are just as wrong as acts of commission.


My kid got his regular seasonal flu vaccination the other
day at his school, and as soon as the H1N1 medicine is available, he’ll get
that too. The former was a flu mist; he wasn’t too happy to learn that the
latter will be a shot. But I took the time to educate him on what was at stake,
and talked to him a little about how life was when I was a kid in the ‘60s – getting
polio vaccine on sugar cubes while learning the reason why one of my friends
had to wear leg braces; America not having a vaccine yet for measles and my
missing an entire four weeks of second grade when I contracted the measles (it
was absolutely miserable and traumatic, trust me), etc. So he understands, I
think. Getting him to wash his hands several times a day has been tough, I’ll
admit. But he’s trying. I think the news about his fellow Cub Scouts the other
night bothered him a little, too.


Required reading: the new (November 2009) issue of Wired magazine. The cover story “Fear”
by Amy Wallace does a pretty handy job of debunking all or most of the claims
of the anti-vaccine crowd. It’s now posted online so I don’t need to summarize
it, other than to say that it’s a shame that the high-profile celebrity likes
of Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey and now Billy Corgan command such an audience,
because through their efforts there’s at least a small chance that we’ll all
return to the Stone Age – or, more accurately, the disease- and plague-ridden
Middle Ages – as more and more folks swallow their half-baked arguments against
vaccines. Seriously, go read the article, examine the statistics that are
cited, and if you don’t come away with a new appreciation for what science and
the medical profession are doing for us despite the McCarthy-esque efforts of
Jenny McCarthy, I’ll eat this op-ed piece.


To Corgan: Billy, you’re not being holistic; you’re being a
dickhead. You’re too young to remember some of the things I remember from my
childhood, so I can understand your reluctance to take a vaccine in a situation
where all the facts, for you, aren’t in just yet. And I also think it’s good
not to just rely on a single source for information as important as that which
relates to our health. Please continue your process of self-education. In the
meantime, though, please don’t spread ill-informed propaganda related to H1N1
because a lot of impressionable people who are fans of you might decide that
since it is YOUR OPINION then it will be THEIR OPINION too and they won’t need
to look into the matter further.


To the rest of you: Get
your damn flu shots, people, and don’t be such selfish, paranoid idiots. The
rest of us are depending on you to stay healthy.