185 Beatles Songs Live – on Ukulele?!?


All those classics you
remember from your childhood, recast for the brainy set… not to mention 16


By Blurt Staff


As if there hasn’t been enough fun Fab Four stuff going on
in 2009 already (something about remastered CDs… must… try… to… remember…), on
December 5th and 6th The Beatles Complete On Ukulele
Marathon, A Benefit For Yoko Ono
, will take place at N8 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The
marathon consists of two days featuring 185 songs (the entire Beatles catalog)
performed by 60 singers, 40 musicians and 16
all on ukuleles. 


Did they say “16 Yokos”?


Right they did, Blurt Staff. The project brainchild of
producer Roger Greenawalt (Ben Kweller,
Nils Lofgren, The Pierces) and David
Barratt (Jimmy Page, David Bowie) also includes a 185 week project where
various artists join Greenawalt and Barratt for the re-recording  of every
Beatles song on ukulele.  Releasing a song every week alongside an essay
on The Beatles Complete on Ukulele blog, a number of these artists will now be
playing Beatles songs live while Greenawalt, a music producer by day, sits in
with each artist providing the required ukulele accompaniment.


Both Golden Bloom and Alan Cohen Experience recorded Beatles
songs for The Beatles Complete On Ukulele website.  On Saturday, December 5th Alan
Cohen Experience will be performing “Magical Mystery Tour”, “Flying”, “Blue Jay
Way” and “Your Mother Should Know” at 7pm
and Golden Bloom will be performing at 8pm, “I’ll Get You”, “Rain”, “All My Loving”, “I’m Only Sleeping”
and “Your Bird Can Sing”.


Downloads of both Alan Cohen Experience’s version of “Your
Mother Should Know” and Golden Bloom’s take on “I’ll Get You” are available at the
aforementioned blog.



Now that’s one meaty undertaking!



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