Unga Bunga! Support Your Local Zine!



Latest issue of
subversive pinko muso rag Dagger arrives and it’s a corker!


By Fred Mills


Around here at BLURT central we have one motto: “Support the
troops!” (Also “ignore annoying emails from p.r. flacks” but we won’t get into
that right now…) Ergo, let us tip you in the direction of BLURT contributor Tim Hinely’s fanzine called Dagger – the latest issue, pictured above, recently hit newsstands.


What is  “newsstand,”
all you Internet dweebs ask? Why, it’s an archaic commercial construct designed
to sell those quaint artifacts known as “print publications.” You know – paper,
ink, glue, staples, dead trees, landfill refuse…


Issue #42 of this long-running labor of love is crammed with
photos of the legendary garage loons the Mummies, interviews with some of our
favorite artists (like Tim Lee, Elf Power and David Kilgour of the Clean) and
more record reviews than you can shake a 45 adapter at.


Hinely, based outta Portland,
also has a pretty snazzy website you should check out. But clearly, if you’re a
REAL man, er, music fan, you will want the physical goods. Plus, you’ll be
doing your part to thwart the creeping contemporary trend of magazines going
under and disappearing for good. Tell Tim BLURT sent ya…




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