Spiritualized Overhauls L&G As 3CD


Will also be
performing classic 1997 opus in a series of ATP concerts.


By Blurt Staff


Spiritualized will re-issue their classic album ‘Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In
‘ on November 16 in the UK on Sony Music. (No official
announcement for a US
release has been made yet, however.)

The album release coincides with the upcoming live performances of the entire
album; part of All Tomorrow’s Parties  ‘Don’t Look Back’ series, as
previously announced. The band were approached two years ago to perform the
album live on its 10th anniversary.  It took a while for  J.Spaceman (aka
Json Pierce) to finally agree to the idea. ‘It was a decision made at altitude’
he says referring to being on top of Mt.
Buller in Australia at the time. The live
performances will see the regular band augmented with strings, brass and choir.

It is now 12 years since ‘Ladies And
Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space’
made a profound impact in the summer of
1997, both critically and commercially, with its psychedelic soundscapes and
heart-rending lyrics. It has influenced a whole range of musicians ever since.
It was NME‘s album of the year for 1997
and reached No.4 in the official charts.  Originally packaged as a giant
pill offering a written prescription, the concept was creatively inspired
reflecting the depth of emotion and trauma laid bare on this truly remarkable

The album will be released with new artwork on special limited edition formats
with bonus content. These bonus tracks were in storage and subsequently
forgotten about until Jason Pierce moved house and discovered the ‘lost’
recordings from 12 years ago. The tracks give a valuable insight into the
artist’s work-in-progress – demos, instrumental versions, sessions mixes – and
highlight an aim for perfection prior to recording the definitive version.

The formats include:

The Collector’s Edition. This will
include 12 x 3″ Mini CD’s of the complete full album track-by-track, an homage
to the original release. This will be accompanied by 2 bonus discs (as per
tracklisting below). Only 1,000 of these sets will be made, making these
extremely limited.

The Special Edition will include the
original album in the legendary and unique pill pack style packaging, alongside
the 2 bonus discs. This Special Edition will also will be a limited, one-off

The original album with new artwork
and a revised version of  opening track ‘Ladies & Gentlemen’ (now
including “Can’t Help Falling In Love” as originally intended for this album),
will also be released as a Standard 1CD Version. 

Track Listing:

1. Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
2. Come Together
3. I Think I’m in Love
4. All of My Thoughts
5. Stay With Me
6. Electricity
7. Home of the Brave
8. The Individual
9. Broken Heart
10. No God Only Religion
11. Cool Waves
12. Cop Shoot Cop

Bonus CD 1

1. Ladies And Gentlemen (A Cappella)
2. Ladies And Gentlemen (Demo)
3. Ladies And Gentlemen (Strings)
4. Ladies And Gentlemen (Kate Telephone Call)
5. Ladies And Gentlemen (Moles Studio Mix 7)
6. Ladies And Gentlemen (Original Oratone Ideas)
7. Ladies And Gentlemen (A Cappella w/ Lead Vocal)
8. Come Together (Instrumental Demo)
9. Come Together (Demo In Lower Key)
10. I Think I’m In Love (Original Demo Idea)
11. I Think I’m In Love (Demo)
12. I Think I’m In Love (Drums/Wah)
13. I Think I’m In Love (A Cappella)
14. I Think I’m In Love (Vocal Demo Jan 96)
15. I Think I’m In Love (Gospel Choir Session)
16. All Of My Thoughts (Demo)
17. All Of My Thoughts (Strings)
18. Rocket Shaped Song

Bonus CD 2

1. Electricity (Demo)
2. Electricity (January 96)
3. Electricity (June 96)
4. Home Of The Brave (Demo)
5. Home Of The Brave (Panned Vocal)
6. Beautiful Happiness
7. Broken Heart (Demo)
8. Broken Heart (Strings)
9. Broken Heart (Vocal Harmony/Angel Corpus
10. Broken Heart (Early Vocal)
11. No God Only Religion (Demo)
12. No God Only Religion (Horns)
13. Cool Waves (Demo)
14. Cool Waves (String Session Mix)
15. Cop Shoot Cop (Demo)
16. Cop Shoot Cop (Dr. John ‘The National Anthem)
17. Cop Shoot Cop (String Session Mix)

Spiritualized are set to perform the
album in its entirety at the following venues:

12 / 13 October
Royal Festival Hall – London

14 December
Apollo – Manchester
£25 + booking fee via 0844 4777677 / giggsandtours.com

16 / 17 December
Barbican – London
£32.50 + booking fee via www.barbican.org.uk

19 December
Sage Centre – Gateshead
£32.50 + booking fee via www.tickets.thesagegateshead.org



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