Sid Lives!


Ah, but can anyone
every truly “know” an enigma wrapped up in a paradox wrapped up in a dirty,
blood-encrusted sock?


By Blurt Staff


Ya just can’t keep a good stiff down, especially when it’s a
punk icon like Sid Vicious. Ergo, Odeon/MVD Visual’s upcoming DVD Sid! By Those Who Really Knew Him. Due
Nov. 17, it’s billed as “the first intimate full-length 80 minute documentary on Sid’s


marks 30 years since Vicious’ death from a heroin overdose (he was just 21
years old), and for the documentary many of those closest to him speak for what’s
reportedly “the very first time” about the Sex Pistol who wasn’t willing to
burn out and fade away quietly. He simply went up in flames…


to MVD;


 This brand new documentary, in
association with ITN Archive, charts the fall and rise of Sid Vicious from punk’s hero to
society’s cultural icon of the twentieth century.

Sid’s short and controversial life is profiled with interviews from Jah Wobble (childhood friend, founder
PIL), Steve Severin (Siouxsie
and the Banshees), David Vanian (The
Damned), Malcolm McLaren (Sex
Pistols Manager), Viv Albertine (Flatmate,
The Slits), Ron Watts (100
Club), Glen Matlock (Sex
Pistols), Rat Scabies (The
Damned), Caroline Coon (Writer
and Artist), Vivienne Westwood (Sex
Designer), Marco Pirroni (Adam
& The Ants), John Tiberi (Sex
Pistols Tour Manager), and many more of Sid’s close friends.

Featuring previously unseen archive footage and filmed in HD, this new
documentary provides the most definitive and intimate life story of the punk
hero who truly lived his life with chaos and anarchy. Fuelled with a soundtrack
of Sid’s own music, this is the faithful telling of Sid’s life story by those
who really knew him.

In addition to the DVD documentary, this special collector’s edition includes a
10 track CD of Sid live in New York’s,
and a biography booklet profile by best-selling music author Mark Paytress.



there does appear to be at least one person missing from that roll call of true
friends, but nevermind those rotten bollocks.


out the trailer to the film, below.



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