Saint Etienne Remix CD Follows Reissues


So Tough and Sound of
Water already available; Fox Base Beta due soon.


By Blurt Staff


About a week and a half ago Saint Etienne fans began receiving
their expanded/remastered “Deluxe Editions” of the band’s So Tough and Sound of Water (see full details, below) – they came on the heels of the two-disc versions,
issued a few months ago, of Fox Base
and Continental, all part
of a year-long overhaul of the group’s back catalog.


Then this morning, SE acolytes opened their email to receive
even more good news: a limited/numbered and remixed version of FBA, titled Fox Base Beta, is en route, with pre-orders available through the
fan club
starting September 21. Here’s the complete communiqué from the band:



through the past, part 5.

Rumours have been flying left right and centre, but we can finally confirm that
disco dynamo Richard X has taken Foxbase Alpha and re-arranged it into a brand
new beast called FOXBASE
. Using the original masters, adding cellos, electrix,
choirs, and the spirit of Brian Cant he has created something really special –
spruced-up yet reverential, it is essentially a 2009 up-date of Foxbase Alpha,
given a shot of vodka and a loving caress. We’re chuffed. It feels unnervingly
like jumping into a Tardis.

FOXBASE BETA will be issued, via the fan club, as a limited, numbered 2CD set of 3,000
copies, which will also include FOXBASE
, three unreleased recordings from the original album
sessions: a just discovered coda to Girl VII (we’d forgotten it existed), a
summery instrumental called Richard III, and the first, very different, take of
Kiss And Make Up, which was the very first Saint Etienne recording. We cut it
one afternoon in January 1990, and then Only Love Can Break Your Heart in the
evening! It was all so simple then. These tracks won’t be available anywhere

There will also be a ‘directors’ commentary’ on the bonus disc. Informative,
yes. Pithy, quite possibly.

An un-numbered, single disc edition will be available at gigs and through Rough
Trade. It will also be available for digital download (with the commentary but
without the bonus tracks).

For club promo, a 4-track 12″ is currently at the pressing plant,
including extended Foxbase Beta version of Only Love Can Break Your Heart (plus
instrumental mix), the FBB version of Girl VII (grrrreat), and Gothenburg’s
Balearic princes Air France’s mix of Spring. We’ll have 200 copies of this
available through the fan club. As soon as we have them we’ll let you know.

Foxbase Beta will be available to pre-order on Monday 21st of September. More
details next week.

England in the World Cup finals, 3 Of A Kind’s Babycakes playing on my hi-fi,
Foxbase Beta finally put to bed. Late summer, early autumn, and all is good.


Bob xx



Meanwhile, about the two albums
mentioned above…


So Tough, SE’s 2nd album, originally arrived in 1993. For the Deluxe Edition, the album has
been completely remastered and expanded to a second disc of 17 bonus tracks of
rarities, b-sides and unreleased tracks, including aover version of Teenage
Fanclub’s Everything Flows. packaging includes a 24 page booklet featuring
extensive sleevenotes.




Disc 1 – Side 1

1. Mario’s Cafe
2. Railway Jam
3. Date With Spelman
4. Calico
5. Avenue
6. You’re In A Bad Way
7. Memo To Pricey
8. Hobart
9. Leafhound
10. Clock Milk
11. Conchita Martinez
12. No Rainbows For Me
13. Here Comes Clown Feet
14. Junk The Morgue
15. Chicken Soup

Disc 2 – Side 1

1. Everything Flows
2. Railway Jam Vocal Version
3. Who Do You Think You Are
4. Some Place Else
5. Duke Duvet
6. Paper
7. Johnny In The Echo Cafe
8. Archway People
9. California
Snow Story
10. Join Our Club
11. Everlasting
12. Snowplough Instrumental
13. Rainy Day Women
14. Peterloo Instrumental
15. I’m Too Sexy
16. Stranger In Paradise
17. Hobart
Paving Van Dyke Parks Version



Then 2000’s Sound of
, their fifth, featured production by High Llamas’ Sean O’Hagan and To
Rocco Rot. The remastered edition adds a second disc of 17 bonus tracks of
rarities, b-sides and unreleased tracks plus a 24 page booklet featuring
extensive sleevenotes.




Disc 1 – Side 1

1. Late Morning
2. Heart Failed (In The Back Of A Taxi)
3. Sycamore
4. Don’t Back Down
5. Just A Little Overcome
6. Boy Is Crying
7. Aspects Of Lambert
8. Downey CA.
9. How We Used To Live
10. The Place At Dawn

Disc 2 – Side 1

1. Roseneck
2. Northwestern
3. Red Setter
4. Blofeld Buildings
5. Bar Conscience
6. Shoot Out The Lights
7. Thank You
8. Chaos At The Gym
9. Tony Jacket
10. Garage For Gunther
11. Ivyhouse
12. 52 Pilot
13. We’re In The City
14. Artieripp
15. Sadie’s Anniversary
16. Half Timbered
17. Empty Shop



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