Rex/Pullman’s Harvey w/Solo Bow


Releases his debut in November; tour follows.


By Blurt Staff


Curtis Harvey, best known for his
work with/as Rex and Pullman,
will release his first solo album titled Box Of Stones November 3 on Fat
Cat Records.


While Box Of Stones marks a
departure from Harvey’s
previous work, his gift for melody and use of detailed instrumentation remains.
An intensely personal collection, Box Of Stones allows Harvey to explore affinities for John Fahey,
Dust Bowl protest songs, and traditional song structures, while retaining the
interest in textural sonics that marked his previous projects.


Recorded in the small studio in
Harvey’s basement, Box Of Stones‘ immediacy owes much to his immersive
process, with Harvey playing everything and often recording the vocals in only
one take; for percussion, Harvey says, he used “whatever happened to be
[around] at the time: bottles, pencils, pots and pans, an old snare and bass
drum.” For “Seen,” Harvey
recorded the audience at a live show at Brooklyn’s
Union Pool as they accompanied him on the chorus.


Though Harvey’s recorded output
has been minimal since Pullman’s 2001 album Viewfinder – consisting of
the sole release by the Curtis Harvey Trio, a cover of “Changes” for
2005 Black Sabbath cover compilation Everything Comes And Goes and a
Pullman song for Thrill Jockey’s 2007 anniversary compilation – Harvey explains
that he’s never stopped recording or writing music, despite the break from
making records.


Harvey will be touring the east coast/midwest for two weeks in
December, and plans a full US
run for spring 2010.





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