OTEP Has A Modest Proposal @ Blurt Blog


Kicking ass and taking
names… or not. Only a few hours old and already stirring up controversy.


By Blurt Staff


Damn, this gal’s cocked and loaded for bear: Otep Shamaya,
fiery frontwoman for heavier-than-heaven band OTEP, is also one helluva
activist, and she’s taking her message to the airwaves, er, to the BLURT
blogosphere. This morning brought the debut of her new blog “Battle Ready,” and
the first installment is titled “Menace to Society.”


In it, she warns of a creeping menace that is infecting America
today, and how she’s joined the “crusade to combat this diseased vermin before
things get out of hand… Our nation was built on the good God-fearing
Judaic-Christian heritage of Andrew Jackson, George Wallace, General Custer,
Nixon, McCarthy, and J. Edgar Hoover. We are not, nor have we ever been, a
nation of equals. We are a nation of chutes and ladders.”


Liberals and conservatives alike just may get their
preconceptions turned upside down. Go to the blog section of our site or click
HERE to access her blog. If you dare… as of this writing, 13 readers have
already commented, some of them actually “getting the point,” in fact…



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