Matthew Ryan Preps 12th Album


Due Oct. 27 for all you downloadin’  types. The rest of us have to wait until next


By Blurt Staff


Respected singer-songwriter – and BLURT
– Matthew Ryan is set to drop Dear
, his twelfth recording, via The Dear Future Collective. It arrives
digitally on Oct. 27, while the general public will be able to nab it on CD
next February 16.


The album’s described as 
“a mea culpa, a cry to fight for what you hold most dear” with some of
Ryan’s “most poignant” lyrics – “I want that feel/Like a plane when it
arrives/Where at the gate/Family waits with quiet smiles” (from “City

Much of the album, Ryan notes in the official press release,  “was inspired by events in the Spring of
2009. In short, last winter I found myself in an emergency room with someone I
love. It seemed too soon. I guess it always is. But it started my head spinning
around these songs once everything turned out alright…. It’s a collection dedicated
to saying the things between lovers that often go unsaid. It’s not all doom and
gloom. But you know, earnest to say the least.”   

The record is his first self-recorded effort. Nine of the ten tracks
were recorded at The Lerkim, his home studio in Nashville. Among the musicians playing on the
album: Molly Thomas (violin), Scott Simontacchi (mandolin), Brian Bequette
(guitar, bass, accordion), Billy Mercer (bass), Amanda Shires (violin) and Rod
Picott (vocals). Meanwhile DJ Preach tackled a remix of the song

Dear Lover is the followup to 2008’s critically hailed Matthew Ryan Vs The
Silver State


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