Kings of Pain, er, Leon!


Well, somebody’s a
goddam golem, that’s what we think. From those about to blurt, we salute you.


By Blurt Staff


Pssst… hey kids, ever wonder what it might be like touring
with a Grammy-winning bunch of superstars? Being the opening act isn’t all
wine, roses, champagne and blow, however, despite the fact that you get to warm
up huge crowds and pretend they are actually cheering for YOU. Sometimes…
things go wrong. Sometimes… misunderstandings go down. Sometimes… the band’s
management tells everyone on the tour to act like dicks towards you.


That’s what happened when the Ettes opened for the Kings of
Leon earlier this year in Europe. Although the
band was generally friendly at the outset, well…. you can read all about what
happened at Ettes singer/guitarist Coco Hames’ latest installment of her BLURT
blog, “Look At Life.” Here’s a sample:


“They took away our rider.  They took away our guest
list.  They took away our sound check.  No one was allowed to speak
to us, and no one did.  Gone was the cajoling, open and energetic
atmosphere of the first night, replaced by drone-solemn performance of duties
and many tightly closed doors.  It was of course a bit embarrassing, and a
bit of a hassle, but what could we do?”


Ah, Coco, you can do what any self-respecting punk rocker
would do: batten down the hatches and take care of fucking taking care of stuff
and continue being a professional rock and roller. From those of us about to
BLURT, we salute you!


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