Kid Sister: New/Old Album Reviewed (Not!)


New release date for
Ultraviolet Nov.17 – a year after the originally slated release date. So we’re
going to go ahead and tell you about Dream Date.


By Blurt Staff


So we were all set to review, like, ages ago, Kid Sister’s
new album Dream Date (Downtown) then
got the word from the rap diva’s handlers that it had been reworked, with some
tracks being removed and new material cut, and that an Oct. 6 date was now


That, it turns out, has also been changed. The latest info
is that the album is being called Ultraviolet and that it will be released Nov. 17. According to Downtown: “The album features the
new white-hot single “Right Hand Hi”, produced by Swedish House
Mafia’s Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso, as well as the now infamous track,
“Pro Nails” featuring Kanye West. The album boasts collaborations
with Estelle and Cee-Lo and musical production by A-Trak, XXXchange, Count
& Sinden, Rusko and DJ Gant-Man among others.”


be undertaking a handful of concert dates in October and November, full
itinerary below.


since we are kinda tired of hanging on to this old review of the album and have
an entirely new review in the works, we figured why not go ahead and let you
see what we thought of Dream Date  in its original incarnation. It was penned by
ace wordsmith Jonah Flicker. Enjoy!




Is “guilt by
association,” hereby known as GBA, a valid concept? The American people (well,
a slim majority, anyway) chose to ignore the intentional issue muddling
perpetrated by the Republican Party, via accusations of “palling around” with
Bill Ayers, and elected Barack Obama president. Verdict: over-hyped GBA. Kid
Sister, on the other hand, surely hopes to benefit by palling around with Kanye
West and DJ A-Trak. Kanye’s presence on her debut album is minimal, allowing
her talents to stand mostly alone, with crucial support from producers
including Spank Rock, XXXChange, and Trackademicks. The GBA verdict is still
out on this one, but the American people will soon decide.


Kid Sister’s rhyming
style is buoyant and effusive, as she allows her mood to burst forth in a
bubbling cadence peppered with vocal dips and dives. “Family Reunion,” a
nostalgia track featuring David Banner, is evidence of this, as visions of
barbecues get her singing – one of several instances on the album. It’s also
one of the few traditional hip-hop tracks on
Dream Date. The majority of the record consists of banging, up-tempo,
garage-house club numbers. “Life on TV,” “Control,” and “Pro Nails” (featuring
Kanye in a throwaway verse) flaunt acid bass and stuttering drums as the
bedrock for Sister’s rapping. The acid house rhythm of “Beeper” may be modern,
but the technology embraced isn’t – if you aren’t running drugs on
The Wire, rocking a beeper is just a gimmick. But
she seems to be keeping it relatively real, admitting on “Let Me Bang” that
what really makes her happy is “a fresh box of donuts and a sundae, start my
diet Monday, I’m-a get around to it one day…”


She may not yet be 30,
but Kid Sister has found her niche in the old-school electro neighborhood of
hip-hop, popularized when she was just a baby. It doesn’t matter, though,
because she sounds and looks good updating these classic sounds. Near the
album’s end, she plays Queen Latifah to British rapper Estelle’s Monie Love on
a reinterpretation of the classic “Ladies First.” The playing field may be
limited these days, but Kid Sister is leading the female hip-hop renaissance in
terms of creativity and legitimacy. Let’s see how far she can take it.





Tour Dates:


10/19        VANCOUVER, BC  
10/20        SEATTLE, WA  
10/21        PORTLAND, OR 
10/22        SAN FRANCISCO, CA 
     Rickshaw Stop*
10/23            COSTA MESA,
CA        Detroit Bar*
SAT 10/24
         LOS ANGELES, CA  
11/8             AUSTIN,
TX            Fun Fun Fun Fest
WED 11/25
         CHICAGO, IL  
         House of Blues
11/27             NEW YORK,
NY            Webster
SAT 11/28          TORONTO, ON      
     Mod Club
*w/ Flosstradamus



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