It’s Tricky Dick Day!


Why is this man


By Fred Mills


On this day, September 8, in 1974, President Gerald Ford
granted an unconditional pardon to Richard Nixon – this despite the fact that
the former President, though disgraced in the aftermath of his resignation
stemming from the Watergate scandal, had never been formally charged or
convicted of any crimes.


It was an unprecedented moment in U.S. history; in effect, no matter
what subsequent revelations regarding the Watergate break-in and the ensuing
coverup might be revealed, Nixon couldn’t be charged. It was also a shameful
moment in our history too. Because while Watergate, the Nixon pardon, etc. certainly
ushered in an era where the American citizenry would keep a more watchful eye
upon our lawmakers and elected officials, by some estimations the series of
incidents also help give credence to the sort of groupthink that led to the
rise of George W. Bush’s imperial presidency.


As the saying goes – “never forget.”


This has been a public service (with Hofner bass-shaped




(Why are these men laughing? Because they know that in a few
years the Constitution will be a worthless piece of paper with which they can
wipe their asses!)



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