It’s…. Scratchophone!


Scratching anywhere,
anytime, in or out of mosquito season…


By Fred Mills


We here at BLURT don’t usually feature products in our news
items – and the news item you’re reading here isn’t intended to open the
floodgates as such (SO ALL YOU P.R. FLACKS, DON’T EVEN BOTHER ASKIN’…) – but
sometimes a piece of gear just looks so sweet we can’t resist, so it’s worth
the gratuitous plug.



Ladies and germs and scratch deejays, meet the Scratchophone
v1.2, complete with drive and mixer controls. A picture is worth a thousand
words, and a video (see below – it’s awesome, as is the soundtrack) is worth a
million, so we’ll leave it at that; if you wanna find out more about how to
scratch anywhere, anytime. go to the Scratchophone website.





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