Intrusive Technology Hits New High (low… )


999,999 privacy
advocates (and Elvis fans) can’t be wrong…


Fred Mills


of Internet users have recently been flooded by requests from strangers to sign
up for the UNYK address book program; yours truly has been receiving them at
the rate of 4 or 5 per week, and the frequency has been increasing. See below
for a sample that arrived today.


the service is described as one that established “private address books” the
UNYK privacy policy and security has been coming under scrutiny of late. It’s
time to strike back, luddites: return to a simpler time, when a pencil and a
scrap of paper stuffed into the wallet made for a perfectly acceptable address
book and phone number listing!





On 8/28/2009 5:10:07 AM, you were invited to join John or Jane Doe’s UNYK
address book so he/she would always have access to your contact info and you to

To accept his/her request, Click here [link
removed – ed.

UNYK is a smart and simple way to manage your contacts so you never lose
anyone’s contact information again.

No more worrying about your contacts’ info. From now on, let them do it for
you. By changing their information in, you address book will be
automatically updated. By changing your information in, their address
book will be automatically updated.

It’s so simple and it’s free… Already 10 million users.




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