Cult of Camper Van Beethoven


Everyone drinks the
purple Kool-Aid… attempts at raising the spirit of Jim Jones, however, yield
mixed results…


By Blurt Staff


A picture is worth a zillion words…


On Friday night (09.11) as part of Camper Van Beethoven’s
show during their 5th annual CAMPOUT music festival near Joshua Tree, CA (which
they co-headlined with David Lowery’s other band Cracker), the band requested
that their fans (or, as the case may be, “followers”) all wear white
to their performance. When they arrived at the show Lowery was there serving
grape Kool-Aid when they walked in. The photo above was shot just after
their performance that night (Front row – 3rd from left: Victor Krummenacher,
Frank Funaro. Second row: Jonathan Segel, David Lowery, Greg Lisher). 



(Photo credit: Brad Jones)



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