Blurt Celebrates Next Issue of Magazine!


It’s a real man’s
magazine, made by real men.


By Sparky LaFlame


With the third print issue of BLURT nearly finished – it’s
due on newsstands in a couple of weeks – the BLURT editorial staff took time
out from proofing and layout for a weekend corporate getaway. With pickaxes,
spears, chain mail vests and random biker accessories in tow, we scaled the
nearby Von Diablo peak and hunkered down for some serious male bonding. Upon
our return, refreshed and revitalized (albeit with numerous scars and oozing
flesh wounds), we resumed work on the magazine.


(Pictured above, L-R: Andy “Staff of Fertility” Tennille,
Randy “Scythe” Harward, Scott “The Impaler” Crawford and Fred “Chigger” Mills. Absent
from the photo: A.D. “A.D.” Amorosi, who’d gotten his chain mail pants hung on
a protruding root while climbing Von Diablo and was still struggling to
extricate himself. Apologies to TYR, incidentally.)



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