Bitch Fight! Black Lips versus Wavves!


Most creative use of
the “F” word all week, yo.


By Fred Mills


The much-anticipated “Neurotics Of Rock” tour abruptly
crumbled this weekend when representatives from proposed co-headliners the
Black Lips and Wavves had what some observers are describing as “a falling out.”


As reported by both Pitchfork and Brooklyn Vegan, the Black
Lips’ Jared Swilley and Wavves’ Nathan Williams got into a fight during the wee
hours of the morning at Brooklyn bar Daddy’s (Wavves had performed Friday night
at the Market Hotel, while the Lips had played at Roseland Ballroom).


You can read the accounts yourselves, but we have in this
corner, one person reporting that he observed “people dragging Nathan and Jared
apart, and then Jared and a popular DJ running at Nathan again” – this
presumably stemming from some internet shit-talking that went on between the
two a few months ago.


Then in the other corner, Williams is saying that it was unfortunate
that matters escalated but he [Swilley] got what was coming to him”.


And in yet another corner, Swilley comments that he didn’t
attack Williams at all; instead, he was the one assaulted by the Wavves tour
managers and others. Said Swilley, “What happened was, after we finished our
set I went to Daddy’s with some friends and saw that faggot from Wavves talking
to a photographer friend of mine. The only thing I did was walk up to him and
say “You’re that faggot from Wavves and I don’t like you”. He smiled
a bit but didn’t say anything. After that, I went outside and saw their tour
manager hanging around with some guys. They started getting all chuckles with
me and so I told them I wasn’t gonna have it. After that, Wavves tour manager
hit me square in the face with a bottle. Blood started pouring out and six
dudes fucking started kicking me until I blacked out.”


Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Who’s a faggot? Who’s not? Who
cares! Sob! Where’s Rodney King when we need him? Can’t we all just get along?


Proof that indie rock has its idiots and assholes just like
every other genre.


Fuck all that, let’s go watch some TV:






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