Billy Corgan: New Album, 44 Free Songs


44 songs to be released one at a time, totally free…


By Blurt Staff


“The commitment that is most
important is the one I’m making to you–that the music of Teargarden by Kaleidyscope will be available for free to
everyone. All 44 songs: free for ALL,” announced Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan,
about the forthcoming new album, in a posting on the band’s website.


It will ultimately feature 44
songs, 4 of which are now being recorded. The entire collection-which Corgan
says “harkens back to the original psychedelic roots of The Smashing Pumpkins; atmospheric,
melodic, heavy, and pretty”–should be completed by early next year with a
world tour slated for spring 2010. 


Explains Corgan about how the
music will be issued, “My desire is to release a song at a time beginning
around Halloween of this year, with each new release coming shortly after until
all 44 are out. Each song will be made available absolutely for free, to anyone
anywhere. There will be no strings attached. Free will mean free, which means
you won’t have to sign up for anything, give an email address, or jump through
a hoop. You will be able to go and take the song or songs as you wish, as many
times as you wish.”


Teargarden By Kaleidyscope, says Corgan, “is based on ‘The Fool’s Journey,’ as
signified in the progress of the Tarot, the intention is to approach the work
by breaking down the journey of life into four phases as made by different
characters depicted in major arcana cards: the Child, the Fool, the Skeptic and
the Mystic.”


The music will not only be issued
online, reveals Corgan.  “We will sell highly limited edition EPs (of 4
songs each times 11), and details of how those EPs will be made available are
still being worked out. Because the songs themselves will be free, the EPs will
be more like collectors items for the discerning fan who will want the art
itself, along with the highest possible audio quality available. The EPs will
be more like mini-box sets rather than your normal CD single. We may also offer
other variations for sale–say for example, a digital single with a demo
version of a song.”


Upon the album’s completion “it
will be compiled into a deluxe box set which will also be made available for sale. Those who have
bought the EPs need not worry, as the box set will not be a recompilation of the
limited edition pieces. “


“I am very committed to seeing
this album through to its completion and very, very excited about the prospect
of delivering new Smashing Pumpkins music to you in a unique and exciting way.” 




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