Ben Lee + Lou Barlow = Noise Addict


Serving up a free album at his website right now!


By Blurt Staff


Ben Lee has reformed Noise
Addict with Lou Barlow of Dinosaur Jr./Sebadoh and Lara Meyerratken of El
May.  Their new 15-song album, It Was Never About The Audience, was
released today for free download via



Just click and enjoy!



   It is the first
music bearing the Noise Addict name in 13 years since the release of the debut
full length album, Meet The Real You, released via Grand Royal in 1996.



Ben Lee offered “I’ve wanted
to make another Noise Addict record for awhile now.  Noise Addict is a
place more than a band.  But it’s a band too.  This record was
inspired by out of tune guitars, Jonathan Richman, and lasagne…not the actual
pasta – just the word.”  He added, “The new lineup on this recording is
me, Lou Barlow and Lara Meyerratken.  That’s a new lineup for the band,
but the principle remains the same: everything recorded quickly, in my bedroom,
with lots of stupid rules like no mic-stands.  The songs were all written
by me except ‘Lasagne,’ which I co-wrote with my step-daughter Kate.” 



Noise Addict was formed in Bondi Beach, Australia in 1992 by a then 13-year
old Ben Lee.  After opening for Fugazi the same year, their demo tape was
passed on to Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore, who officially released the
recording, known as DEF, on his Ecstatic Peace label in 1993.
  The Beastie Boys Mike D then signed the band to their Grand Royal
imprint and released the Young and Jaded EP in 1995.  That release
featured the Evan Dando-inspired track “I Wish I Was Him.”  The same year,
Lee issued his solo debut, the critically acclaimed Grandpaw Would LP. 
In 1996, Grand Royal issued Noise Addict’s full length debut album, Meet The
Real You. 
The group disbanded soon after their first and only tour of
the U.S. 



To date, Ben Lee has
released seven solo albums, most recently this year’s The Rebirth of Venus,
released via Dew Process in Australia
and New Zealand
and New West Records in the rest of the world.



It Was Never About
The Audience


1. That’s How It Goes

2. Do I Know You

3. Get Well

4. Chris Martin’s Frown

5. Big Ups

6. Drop That Ghost

7. Hey Baby

8. Lasagne

9. Faster Side of Normal

10. Let Your Heart Decide It

11. Cloudchasing

12. Not Afraid

13. Gravity

14. I Heart Your Band

15. Let’s Do Our Thing





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