You Are Here Festival Invades Brooklyn


“Expect something unusual”: Participating artists include
TROUBLE (Sam Hillmer & Laura Paris) // Calvin Johnson // Screaming Females
// Mick Barr // Up Died Sound // Skeletons and the Kings of All Cities //
Alexis Gideon // Ty Segal // Regattas // Nine 11 Thesaurus // Sam Mickens //
Dome Theater // Mike Pride // Extra life // Pygmy Shrews // Effi Breist // John
Fell Ryan // The Coathangers // Desolation Wilderness // Random Cutting //
Excepter // Symbol // Zs // Arrington Dionyso // Dan Friel // Mega Calderos //
Chuck Bettis // Pterodactyl // Normal Love // Vaz // Make A Rising // Clan of
the Cave Bear // Electroputas // High Red Center // The Sian Alice Group // The
Present // Loud Objects // Grooms // Symbol // Shooting Spires // Crash Diet
Crew // Videohippos


By Blurt Staff


You Are Here (The
Maze) is a performance festival in a sculptural maze taking place at Williamsburg’s Death By Audio venue (49 South 2nd St, Brooklyn) from September
10 – October 2, 2009, with performances starting each evening at 9pm and
running late.


 Emphasizing the
sprawling and interconnected nature of New
York’s underground, a trip through the maze offers a
peak inside NYC’s diy art/music scene. A meditation on passage and desire, You Are Here engulfs the space and
presents beckoning inhabitants, dead ends, and uplifting epitaphs. Medium and
genre vary and overlapping and simultaneous performances are frequent, each
performer establishing a different corner or dead end as his or hers.
Participating artists in the 3-week festival include Calvin Johnson, Screaming Females, Skeletons and the Kings of All Cities,
Zs, Excepter, Mick Barr, The Coathangers, Knyfe Hyts, The Present, Loud
Objects, Grooms, Effi Briest, Extra Life, Mike Pride, Dan Friel, Ninjasonik,
Vaz, Pygmy Shrews, Nine 11 Thesaurus, and many many others.


For more information, visit:


The tentative schedule is
below, although the You Are Here
organizers hasten to add that it’s all intended to “subvert prefab expectations
for both audiences and performers-there is no prescribed order, start time or
end time, duration, location of performance, relation of audience to
performers, and so on. All of the participating artists have been asked to
create something site-specific since the performances will, in fact, take place
within the maze. Audiences will be asked only to expect something unusual.”


Maze Schedule

Thursday 9.10.09

Skeletons Big Band
Knyfe Hyts
Dan Friel
Social Junk
+Delicious Beverages

Friday 9.11.09

The Sian Alice Group
Nine 11 Thesaurus
Experimental Dental School
Reading Rainbow
+Delicious Beverages

Saturday 9.12.09

Extra Life
Pygmy Shrews
Up Died Sound
SETH (jeff and lala from excepter)
Interdependence Project
+Delicious Beverages

Sunday 9.13.09

The Present
Opsvik & Jennings
Rich Johnson
Blast Off!
+Delicious Beverages

Monday 9.14.09

Calvin Johnson
Arrington Dionyso
Desolation Wildnerness
City Center

Tuesday 9.15.09

Loud Objects
Twisty Cat
Random Cutting
Mega Calderos

Wednesday 9.16.09

White Suns
Chaos Magic
Little Big
Buckets of Bile
Bird Music

Thursday 9.17.09

PC Worship
Dome Theater

Friday 9.18.09

Ty Segal
The Mantles
The Holy Experiment
BJ Rubin
Dome Theater
+Delicious Beverages

Saturday 9.19.09

High Red Center
Alexis Gideon
Make A Rising
Shelly Short
+Delicious Beverages

Sunday 9.20.09

Clan of the Cave Bear
Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk
+Delicious Beverages

Monday 9.21.09

Sam Mickens/Mike Pride Duo

Tuesday 9.22.09

Drummer’s Corpse
Hunter Gatherer
Aaron Seigel
Meredith Arena

Wednesday 9.23.09

Shooting Spires
Grafitti Monsters
Crime Novels
Lord Easy

Thursday 9.24.09

Sam Hillmer/ Arrington Dionsyo
Charlie Looker
Daniel Carter Quartet
Total Bolsheviks

Friday 9.25.09

Effi Briest
Chuck Bettis / Mario Diaz de Leon
BJ Rubin
Dome Theater
+Delicious Beverages

Saturday 9.26.09

The Sleepy Doug Shaw
Hannah Marcus / Tianna Kennedy
The Screaming Females
Cheap Ventilators
The Weird Fantasy Band
+Delicious Beverages

Sunday 9.27.09

Laurel Halo
The Slowest Runner in the World
Post Abortion Stress

Monday 9.28.09

Telecult powers
Syn. Toffs
Alterazioni Video Collective

Tuesday 9.29.09

The Coathangers
Nervehunt (Justin from Teeth
Mountain / Ryan from
Xray Eyeballs

Wednesday 9.30.09

Emma Kupa (of Standard Fare)
Ava Luna

Thursday 10.1.09

Crash Diet Crew
Cntrl Top
Islands Eyelids
Deborah Karp/ Meredith Arena

Friday 10.2.09

Mick Barr
BJ Rubin
Dome Theater
+Delicious Beverages





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