Willy DeVille 1953-2009 R.I.P.


Iconic vocalist fronted
Mink DeVille and was a mainstay of the CBGB scene.


By Fred Mills


Music fans who came up during the CBGB era received some sad
news this morning: Willy DeVille, pompadour-rocking frontman for the mighty
Mink DeVille, passed away yesterday following a battle with pancreatic cancer.
The diagnosis had been announced just this past June after doctors preparing
DeVille for Hepatitis C treatment discovered the cancer.


With Mink DeVille, the singer brought a measure of dashing
flash to the leather jacketed punk scene, always dressing like a classic
showman and performing tunes more aligned with vintage soul, doo-wop, cabaret
and Latin-flavored pop than buzzsaw guitars and New Wave keyboards. After the
demise of the band in the mid ‘80s DeVille went solo, finding his core audience
in Europe but continuing to record albums up
through last year’s Pistola. And in
that big, romantic, crooner’s voice of his – leavened by a puckish yelp –
DeVille conjured a timelessness across the entirety of his career.


For more details on DeVille, check out his Wikipedia page.




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