UPDATE: Banhart Rec Slated for Warners


What will be “What
Will Be”? For now, we know it’s 14 songs…


By Blurt Staff


Stereogum is reporting that Devendra Banhart’s forthcoming
album What Will Be will be released
by Warner/Reprise, street date tba. It’s to be a 14-song collection (see
tracklisting, below) co-produced by Banhart and Paul Butler (Band of Bees),
with Banhart mainstays Noah Georgeson, Greg Rogove, Luckey Remington and
Rodrigo Amarante comprising the band.


01 “Can’t Help”
02 “Angelika”
03 “Baby”
04 “Goin’ Back To The Place”
05 “First Song For B”
06 “Last Song For B”
07 “Chin Chin & Muck Muck”
08 “16th & Valencia”
09 “Rats”
10 “Maria Leonza”
11 “Brindo”
12 “Meet Me At The Lookout”
13 “Wiliamdzi”
14 “Foolin'”


Meanwhile, since ace photog Lauren Dukoff took the photo,
above, as she does scores of Banhart photos, we’d be remiss if we didn’t remind
you to check out our review of Dukoff’s most excellent book of photos, Family. We’ve also got exclusive pics
from the book for you to check out – including some pretty provocative Banhart



Banhart’s p.r. folks inform BLURT that Stereogum’s information was incorrect. First of all, the album will be coming out on Warner Bros., not Reprise. Also, the “correct,” although supremely unwieldy, way the album title is supposed to appear is:

What       We
Will          Be

(This of course wreaks havoc on typsetters and the use of fonts, highlighting, etc., but hey…)

Lastly, here’s the correct list of song titles:

 01 Can’t Help but Smiling
02 Angelika
03 Baby
04 Goin’
05 First Song for B
06 Last Song for B
07 Chin Chin
& Muck Muck
08 16th & Valencia, Roxy Music
10 Maria Lionza
11 Brindo
12 Meet Me At Lookout
13 Walilamdzi
14 Foolin’


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